Wednesday, September 2, 2009

John in hospital & Lisa get sick..

Well, Saturday (8/29) I coached masters. Me and Izzie were supposed to meet, but the previous posts tells why. We had my grandma's 80th bday celebration and a wedding for one of my UCD roomies! Sunday I worked at REI in the bike shop....first time back in the shop since May. Don't worry, I had the other shop tech check my work! ;)

I was going to actually start training on Monday, with a plan from one of the books I had. But then I got sick. Sunday it crept up and then Monday hit like a train! It's fine - one week of being sick and Izzie hanging out at the hospital is not gonna do anything.

I talked with Karin and Doug a little more after TVM practice yesterday (9/1) and it was GREAT! Karins got the training plan shes gonna bring, and we're all going to meet as they share some tips! I was telling them how many youtube videos I've been watching to get familiarized, and how the swim start honestly looks the most scary. In great confidence, "oh, don't worry - we've got tips for that too!" AWESOME.

here's a picture of what makes me worried...

8/31 TVM 11:30am

total: Monday easy sick day...I didn't think it was worth counting

9/1 TVM 11:30am

the joys of training with a sibling is still sibling bickering...haha. I was sick and Adam was doing the set "wrong" or "not smart" and it as affecting my workout. My energy was zapped after that main set!

total: 3700yds

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