Thursday, September 3, 2009


9/2/09 TVM 11:30am

I think I'm pretty much in some sort of reasonable shape. After yesterdays good,hard workout I was able to come back today and have a good workout again. The set was 3x200 on 4:00. #1 was broken at the 50, 100, 50. #2 was broken at 100, 100. And #3 was straight. We did 3 IM and then 3 Free. IM was IM for me - we had 5 people in our lane today my fly felt broken and the other strokes are not quite put together yet (no worries). On the 200IM straight I went a 2:27 which is actually very good (and only flipped 1 turn - fly to fly)! I wasn't expecting much on the free 200s but was somewhat keeping up with Adam C. which pushed me a little more. Adam P slid over to the guppy lane, which made the lane from 5 people to 4 people and a little more room for me and Karin at the end. Scott and Adam C. said they were gonna go 2:00 on the last one and the girls had a +:05 goal as well (which me and Karin laughed at, hoping to break 2:10). Well, Adam C. died and I ended up going a 2:06 which is very good. So, I'm happy. Talked with Karin and Doug a little more after practice and got Karins workout plan for the Ironman. Very exciting!

total: 3200yds

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