Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fri, Sat, & Sun


Cycle 8-10:30am

We rode Calavares again, to The Wall. So much easier than it was on Monday. It was already really warm outside.

total: 40 mi

Run 1:30-2pm

We were suppose to go on a 25min "recovery run." It was 97 degrees out. I brough Tank, and boy did he overheat.



Me and Adam headed out of town at 8pm Friday night. We arrived in Tuolomne at about midnight and slept in the back of his truck. We spent Saturday climbing. It was my first time out on rock since over a year, so I was STOKED! So fun. We drove home Saturday night, ate In-N-Out at about 10pm, and was home by 11pm.


Run 7:30-8:35am

This morning was our long run. I woke up after climbing SO INCREDIBLY SORE! But - I had to run. Izzie kicked my butt, I went at a very nice pace I could keep for over an hour. I need to figure out how far we ran.

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  1. That's a pretty busy three days. I'm curious where you did your long run at.

    Have a great week!