Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Recovery week totals

Weekly Totals

time: 9 hrs 12 mins (oh that just sounds so sad and pathetic)
ytd time: 190 hrs 2 mins

time: 6 hrs
ytd time: 67 hrs 30 mins
distance: 14,700 yds
ytd distance: 303,700 yds

Bike :(
time: 1 hr 40 mins
ytd time: 83 hrs 55 min
distance: 20 miles (impressive... I know. Chris Lieto watch out!)
ytd distance: 1,214 miles

time: 1 hr 32 mins (so close to the bike total!)
ytd time: 35 hrs 57mins
distance: 10 miles
ytd distance: 199 miles (UGH - wish I would've ran 1 more stupid mile)

Thanksgiving + Recovery Week = uh oh

Week #12: Recovery week!

Monday 11/23

RECOVERY DAY! I had to coach TVM Masters 5am practice (first time to morning practice in months and they had to pay me to get me there!) After that century on Sunday I took a whole day off! Nathan had the day off too, so it was great! We had a pre-Thanksgiving meal at Drew's house that night!

Tuesday 11/24

resting hr: 66
soreness/fatigue: 2 - happy I recovered quickly

Cycle 8-10am

Intervals at Tuscany with Izzie. I only had to do 8x1min repeats - Izzie had 12. So, I did some extra at a spinning intensity and some isolated legs.

total: 20 miles

TVM Masters 11:30am-1pm

total: 3200yds

Wednesday 11/25

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 0

Found out I had to cook a turkey TOMORROW! Yes, last minute I know. So, I have to buy and make a turkey, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, and finish making TWO centerpieces. UUUUGGGHHHH.

TVM Masters 11:30-1pm

All I did today b/c it was easy.

total: 4000yds

Thursday THANKSGIVNG 11/26

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 0

Woke up at 4:45am to start the Turkey process. It wasn't that hard actually! I had it in the oven in enough time to get to swim practice! YAY! Happy to deplete some calories before consuming them ALL DAY! ;)

TVM Masters 8-9:30am

It wasn't too hard. Daniel let us play SHARKS AND MINNOWS at the end....masters playing sharks and minnows is hilarious!

total: 3500yds

Friday 11/27

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 0

Made it to masters this morning, and then CLEANED MY HOUSE ALL DAY! Like we're talking DEEP clean - oven, microwave, moving furniture, the dogs dishes, etc. And then put up Christmas decorations! YAY! What can I say...its a domestic week! ;)

TVM Masters 8-9:30am

Good practice.

total: 4000yds

Friday night I got to see ROXY AND GEN!! So fun! We played old lady canasta and loved it.

Saturday 11/28

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 1

I coached TVM Masters this morning - I gave them a GOOD set! ;) Only some whining.

Run 12-12:30pm

First run of the week!? OMG - why do this to myself!!?? I can't take this much time off! I ran with Rio (Emily was out of town so had me take her dog, Rio out) at the Kane Trail. It was the first time using my NEW ANNIVERSARY GIFT: the Garmin Forerunner 305! SO EXCITED!

total: 3miles, 9:12/mile - at dog pace thats good!

Then I decorated a Christmas Tree! :)

Sunday 11/29

resting hr: 54
soreness/fatigue: 2

Run 8:30-9:45am

Took Tank and the Garmin (with the HR today!) to the Kane Trail. Me and Tank ran the trail at dog pace. That was only half my run, and I knew Tank couldn't handle any more. So, I put him in the car - there was food and water and some opened windows for him - and I ran the trail for a second time! I tried to increase my pace the second time on the trial and it worked! Fast pace, but a HIGH HR.

total: 7miles, avg: 9:09/mile, avg hr: 171bpm, max hr: 188bpm (thats ALMOST max)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week 11: Weekly totals

Weekly Totals

time: 21hrs 55mins
ytd time: 180hrs 50mis

time: 6hrs
ytd time: 61hrs 30mins
distance: 15,300yds
ytd distance: 289,000yds (decided to see how many MILES that was: 175miles)

time: 12hrs 25mins
ytd time: 82hrs 15mins
distance: 173 miles
ytd distance: 1,194 miles

time: 3hrs 30mins
ytd time: 34hrs 25 mins
distance: 20miles
ytd distance: 189 miles

So, with figuring out that mile total for swimming...going into Thanksgiving week I have totaled: 1,558 miles of training so far!

Week #11 : 11/16-11/22/09

Monday 11/16

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 1

Cycle 9-10:30am

Starting to get cold, even at 9am. Do I really have to pull out full fingered gloves?! How depressing to me. Me and Izzie rode Palomares. I did it at "high aerobic intensity" - though I don't think you can ride Palomares with anything but your at max HR! ha.

total: 23miles

TVM Swim 11:30-1pm

Nothing exciting. I realize saying this is not helpful to anyone - but after swimming for 21 years its more of like "been there done that."

total: 4,000yds

Tuesday 11/17

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 2

Run 9-10am

Met up with Mindy (Boston Marathoner) and Dana (frequent training partner - learn the name, you'll see it alot. 2 time IM CDA and is doing IM Canada this year). We ran from ClubSport. I think me and Mindy killed Dana with the pace, but I'm happy I'm getting faster! WOOHOO!

total: 6miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

I think I was "over it" in swim practice. Hung out on the pool deck and socialized for even longer today. It was a sprint day, and I just frankly did not want to sprint. So, I floated - going easy on sprint day is EASY - the intervals are so long, ;)

total: 3000yds

Wednesday 11/18

resting hr: 66
soreness/fatigue: 2

I wasn't feeling too good. I could feel my immune system breaking down. Now EVERY YEAR since probably 2001 I have been REALLY sick at Thanksgiving, so knowing this "fate" I listened to my body. I only swam today, and took a nap!

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

I think I was feeling sick too, b/c its getting colder out and then when I swim and don't get my HR up (aka Tuesdays slacker swim) I stay cold for 1.5hrs. Knowing I also had a BIG run tomorrow, I tried to get warm in pool and stay long.

total: 4,000yds

Thursday 11/19

resting hr: 66
soreness/fatigue: 2

Run 9am-12pm

The original plan was to have a large group go out for a 7mile run, and I was going to do the loop one more time by myself. Well, Mindy and Izzie had to work, Elaine has pulled calf muscle, Mandy had knee surgery. So, it was me and Dana - which was great b/c I went at Dana's pace for the 7miles, felt great. I had rocktape on my knees - that felt good especially b/c our run was on stupid cement and some asphalt. As we get back to the parking lot (before my 2nd loop) we run into Melinda, so we stop to chat with her............1 hr later I decided if I was going to run a 2nd loop and make it to work I better get going. I was supposed to go 2hrs 20mins, which I know is a lot for this point in the season - but running IS my weak leg! This was a good experiment and now I know that I CAN'T take 1 hr break and have motivation to run 7more! HAHA - I ran 4 more so at least I was over 10 and was fine with that.

total: 11miles

Friday 11/20

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 4 - mostly the JOINTS!

It was DANG cold and windy out! Again, feeling my immune system and knowing I had a BIG ride on Sunday I chose not to get in the pool, get wet hair, and cool off my core body temp etc.

Cycle 7:30-9:30pm

OMG almost 2 hrs on the trainer! Thats good for me, trainers still bore me. I did my interval work (12 x 1.5mins) b/c I think it is actually a good workout to do on a trainer.

total: who knows - lets say 25miles

Saturday 11/21

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 3

TVM Swim 8:30am-10am

Socialized on deck through the first warmup set. And then - "I have a monster ride tomorrow, I have a monster ride tomorrow, I have a monster ride tomorrow" Thats all I kept saying as we went through our MONSTER main set today. I don't think Loren realized HOW MANY yards you COULD get out of this set. The set was 2 repeats on each interval and then drop 10 seconds - you do however many yards you can on each interval. Interval started with 2:40 - so 2x200 @ 2:40, 2x200 @ 2:30, 2x175 @ 2:10, etc etc etc until we were down to 2x25 @ :20.

total: 4300yds

Brick 1-3pm

Yes, another workout before tomorrow. I needed it and so did Izzie. I did not push it though and just did it moderately.

total: 15mile bike + 3mile run

Sunday 11/22

resting hr: 66 - I think b/c waking up early and anxiety about ride
soreness/fatigue: 1-2ish - feeling good

Cycle 8am - 5pm

Del Puerto Canyon Century! Melinda organized a century. It was a route that 99% of us had never done - so being on new road excited everyone! There were literally I think 16 people at the start in Livermore at 8am. IT WAS COLD (42 degrees) - I even had a body warmer stuck on my back. We started up Mines Rd to the Junction (thats a little over 25 miles of 95% uphill). Mines to the Junction is a good ride in itself. At the Junction about half the group were going to turn around, and 8 of us continued on. I rode mostly with Dana (who by the way did the whole ride on a TT bike). You turn left at the Junction onto Del Puerto Canyon and its a 25 mile (mostly) descent into Patterson/I-5 HWY. We stopped and had a FOOT LONG Subway sandwich and then headed right back UP the same direction. I pulled ahead with the men and we climbed back up Del Puerto which at the top is about 2miles of 15% grade! HOLY CRAP - at mile 78 that is HARD! We get to the Junction to regroup, I see Melinda come in next...WHERE IS DANA?! Melinda said Dana had to get off and WALK - I've NEVER seen Dana do that, shes a strongass rider! At the Junction we knew we only had 2 more hard climbs and then it would be easy peasy back to the cars - but we were worried about making it back before dark and Dana was pretty close to bonking. I led the pace of the last 2 climbs (thank God they're done!) and then led a pace line back through Mines Rd. We got back to the cars as the sun set - I think just in time before we were all too nervous. It was a GREAT, HARD ride! I felt good and took care of nutrition well. Total of 7,200ft elevation gain. Where is my hot shower and beer?

total: 110miles

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Weekly Totals

Weekly Totals

time: 17hrs 55mins
ytd time: 158hrs 55mins

time: 6hrs
ytd time: 55hrs 30mins
distance: 15,000yds
ytd distance: 136,000yds

time: 6hrs 45 mins
ytd time: 69hrs 50mins
distance: 95miles
ytd distance: 1,021miles

time: 5hrs 10mins
ytd time: 30hrs 55mins
distance: 28miles
ytd distance: 169miles

Fri, Sat, Sun

Friday 11/13/09

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 5

Well, we didn't know quite what we were getting in to. I either needed a 2 hr foundation ride or a brick that had a 2 hr ride to start with. Me and Izzie were hooking up with Melinda and some of her CS folks, and decided to bring our shoes and "most likely" make it our brick (though we had no idea where we were riding).

Brick 9am-1:30pm

What an adventure! We meet in Livermore, I'm expecting we'll do a local Livermore ride. I hear that we're doing Patterson Pass out to Tracy and then back around the backside of Tesla! I have never done this before.... though I know Patterson Pass is a climb, Tracy is windy, and the backside of Tesla is usually windy and its a climb! FABULOUS (with hint of sarcasm)! We only needed a 2 hr ride - but neither of us quite knowing where this ride is and Melinda saying "It'll be about 2.5hrs." We decided adding an extra 30mins is better than getting lost. Well, 4 hrs later we make it back! HAHA. Don't get me wrong, the ride was GREAT! If there was no wind I would do it once a week. I HATE WIND. Its a mental thing - and its "good" for me to practice. Going up the backside of Tesla in the wind suuuucks! I did not have enough nutrition for a 4 hr ride AND then run....yes, Izzie said lets run. Ugh. Um.....we only ran like 25 mins. But - it was a good transition run right off a long bike, and to experiment being calorie deficient.

total: 50mile ride + I don't know: 2 mile run

Saturday 11/14/09

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 6

THANK GOD I had the excuse of I "have" to go sit at a swim meet all day! ;) It was done early and Heidi came over and we hung out, got coffee, went to Michaels, Nathan made us dinner (take n bake pizza). It was a good afternoon - and I'll take it with a friend anytime.

Sunday 11/15/09

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 4 - recovered well

Run 5:30-6:15am

OMG I got up BEFORE the swim meet and ran! It helps Nathan's alarm starts going off at 5am on Sundays and I hear it first. Tank really needed a run. So, I put on my tights, gloves, winter hat, and a light on Tank and off we went into the winter morning.

total: 4 miles

Then I went and sat on my butt at a swim meet.

Cycle 7-9pm

I sat on my trainer Sunday night and did my interval work. I think the trainer is a good option for interval work actually, so it was fun. I had to do 17x1.5mins fast with 2 mins active recovery.

total: lets say 25miles

Thursday, November 12, 2009


11/09/09 Monday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 1

Run 8-10:10am

Since I skipped my long run on Sunday, I did it today. That means no day off this week! It was a GREAT run though. I ran on the Ironhorse Trail so I could tell how far I was going. It was great aerobically, my knees and hips hurt the last 2 miles. But VERY HAPPY to have ran it all and hold pace the whole way!

total: 13miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

After that run I was pretty useless. I floated - and floated SLOW! But it was great to use that as recovery.

total: 3000yds

11/10/09 Tuesday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 9 - haha.

Cycle 9-10:30am

Ugghh...I have to ride? At race pace?! Ouch. Not quite able to avgerage it out, but close enough.

total: 20miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

Did it, felt better, non-exiting.

total: 3500yds

11/11/09 Wednesday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 5

Run 8:30-9:30am

Hill repeats with Tank! HE LOVES THESE! And so far, this workout he can always beat me at. Had to do 12x1mins. But it was ok. I used Rocktape for the first time, and LOVED IT! I'll be using it again, but its expensive so I'll monitor it.

total: don't know - total of 56mins - I'll say 3 miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

IM day and Veterans day so there were a lot of people there! Fun times!

total: 4000yds

11/12/09 Thursday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 2

Run 9:30-10:30am

Ran with Izzie, Dana, and met Mandy and Mindy (Dana's friends). Mindy has ran the Boston Marathon and I was happy to keep up with her!! Mandy had to cut it short. Me and Mindy ran and several miles around an 8:30 pace! WOWWW! Good run for me. Will have to meet up again, I can learn a lot.

total: 6miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

Ohmy....distance day. No one showed up! haha Well, I got my own lane. The set was 2x1650's. The first one was 3x500 descend with 10 seconds rest between, and then 150 fast. Second one was 16x100 at fastest interval possible and a 50 fast.

total: 4500yds

Weekly Totals

Opps! Never posted this...

Weekly totals
time: 14hrs 25mins
ytd time: 141hrs

time: 5hrs
ytd time: 49hrs 30mins
distance: 13,000yds
ytd distance: 121,000yds

time: 8hrs 5mins
ytd time: 63hrs 5mins
distance: 118mi
ytd distance: 926mi

time: 1hr 20mins
ytd time: 25hrs 45mins
distance: 6mi
ytd distance: 141mi

Sunday, November 8, 2009


11/4 Wednesday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 5 -I'm tired!

I was going to get in my brick today, but I had to Tank out for some exercise. I wasn't going to have time to do a brick and swim. So, I just swam. I was tired and my butt hurt, so resting it was a smart idea too.

TVM Masters 11:30am-1pm

Good thing I only swam today! It was HARD! Me and Scott had a separate workout. We had to do 3x(1x300 pull @4:00 + 3x100 descend 1-3 @1:30 + 6x50 200 pace @1:00) The middle round I did IM and fly 50's. By the end I went 59 on my 100 free and :30 on the 50's.

total: 4500yds

11/5 Thursday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 3 on soreness 5 on fatigue

Since I didn't get in my brick Wednesday I needed to get it in today. But weird b/c Wednesday night NATHAN said he wanted to RUN IN THE MORNING!! How can I deny that?! So, I was going to run with him and count it towards my brick.

Run 7:30-8am

Nathan said he wanted to run for 30minutes. I was impressed he wanted to go that far. Well, 15 minutes out and we walked the whole way back! Haha.

total: 1.5miles

Brick 12-1:30pm

I did do my brick. I rode in Livermore and ran the backside of Shadowcliffs.

total: 20miles/2miles

LVTC Lap swim 2-2:30pm

Um, yes....good ol lap swim. Which means, sit in the hot tub, swim 1,000yds, and sit in the hot tub again.

total: 1000yds

11/6 Friday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 3

Funny and Izzie were planning a 4+ hr ride today. Except she finds out that she didn't have Friday out, but Thursday and had to WORK Friday. So, I spent the morning debating on whether I could do a 4+hr ride by myself and safely!

Cycle 12-1:30pm

I didn't ride by myself and Izzie said she could ride Saturday. So, canceled my trip up to Davis alumni meet. I did my interval work on the bike.

total: 20miles

11/7 Saturday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 2

Cycle 8-12pm

Me and Izzie got out on our long ride. It was cold in the beginning, didn't start taking nutrition early enough b/c drinking cold fluid didn't sound fun. We rode Calavares and to Sierra. It's been a LONG time since Sierra and some steep climbs. Oh what fun that head wind on the way back was! So fun, I miss long ride...I need more.

total: 50miles

Annnnnd was Erin's bday party that night. I was gonna go have pizza and a couple of beers.... until Daniel brought 10 yr old aged slovakian moonshine. Hm, needless to say it was some fun party night.

11/8 Sunday

hungover - NO WORKING OUT!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

11/2, 11/3

11/2 Monday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 3

My butt hurts from Sundays brick (or the run of that). Its like the top of my butt/tailbone right before it turns into the back.

Cycle 9-10:45am

Me and Izzie rode Calavares from home. I needed to do 1hr 45mins at high aerobic intensity. Izzie was just getting in a foundation ride. Well, off I went. OUCH OUCH OUCH. I was able to hold average 10mph UP Calavares which I thought was good, made it past the summit but not to the eagles nest.

total: 28miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

I was DONE. My butt hurt and the cycling at high aerobic wiped me. I was MAJOR slacker at swimming...loved it!

total: 4000yds

11/3 Tuesday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 4

Run 9:40-10:30am

I had a 50 min run with 10x1min hill repeats. I needed to Tank out...really...he NEEDED to run. We went up to my parents house and ran the fire road behind their house. Tank actually did really great with the hill repeats. It was hard, I don't get how this will make you faster but stronger.

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

Speed day at TVM, but it was easy. I did it mostly fly, which therefore means 200 pace and not actually fast! ;) I did some head up swimming too! Jaime had some good suggestions.

total: 3500yds

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekly Totals

Weekly Totals

time: 16 hrs 40 mins
ytd time: 126 hrs 35 mins

time: 7 hrs
ytd time: 44 hrs 30 mins
distance: 15,600 yds
ytd distance: 108,100 yds

time: 6 hrs 45 mins
ytd time: 55 hrs
distance: 97 mi
ytd distance: 808 mi

time: 2 hrs 55mins
ytd time: 24 hrs 25 mins
distance: 18 mi
ytd distance: 135 mi

10/30, 10/31, 11/1

I'm getting all the training in - just blogging it all slow!

10/30 Friday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 1 - I'm lovin the recovery week!

I had to take my parents to SFO airport. Due to the Bay Bridge closure, my OCD father thought we needed to leave 6 hrs before their flight. It wasn't that bad, and I made it home in time to get in a workout before swimming.

Run 9-10am

Me, Izzie, and Tank ran the Kane Trail. I was feeling good, Tank was pooped at the end....I like when I'm faster than a creature with 4 legs! Must mean I'm improving if I can run faster than my dog!

total: 6miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

It was good. There were a good mix of people, and so thats always fun.

total: 4000yds

Then Friday night was Karin and Doug's Halloween party! I twisted Nathan's arm and he said he'd go!! I am so blessed to have a husband who will dress up and go to a party that is outside his comfort zone. We dressed up as Jack and Jill - who had went up the hill to fetch a pail of water! ;)

10/31 Saturday

resting hr: 60

fatigue/soreness: 2 - a little tired b/c we were softies and let Tank sleep on the bed. WHY WOULD WE DO THAT?! He's 90lbs and takes up a lot of room!

TVM Swim 9-10am

I didn't need to swim, but Izzie did and we tried to convince Erin to come out and ride with us after swimming. So, I came late and splashed around.

total: 2000yds

Cycle 10:30am-12:30pm

We left from the pool and rode Kilkare. I decided to try it for time at about 70-80%. I did it in 17minutes. I can't remember my best time; all I know is that Jim beat me by 1 minute. Either I did it in 15 or 16.

total: 25miles

Happy Halloween!! Then I took Tank to the dog park, went to FCC's Fall Family Festival, got free Chipotle with the Bromley's, and crashed at home with the hubby.

11/1 Sunday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 2

Run 8-8:30am

I was supposed to run yesterday, buuuut it was halloween. So, I took Tank out for a run - we didn't last long, but thats ok.

total: 3miles

Brick 2-5pm

Met up with Izzie after church at Campo di Bocce. We rode Del Valle. I realized at the top I had a flat tire!!! WHAT THE HECK!? That is 4 tubes in 8 weeks! I have gone 1 year without a flat - I'm not happy! ha. We got back, changed shoes, used Starbucks bathroom, and started to ran! I decided to try to get out a little faster. I was only supposed to go 30mins and Izzie 45mins - I was going to go 45 with Izzie. I definitely can't hold that pace the whole way, I started to cramp at the end and needed some nutrition. We both negative split the run, which is great!

total: 22miles/4.5miles

YAY! Done for the week!