Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving + Recovery Week = uh oh

Week #12: Recovery week!

Monday 11/23

RECOVERY DAY! I had to coach TVM Masters 5am practice (first time to morning practice in months and they had to pay me to get me there!) After that century on Sunday I took a whole day off! Nathan had the day off too, so it was great! We had a pre-Thanksgiving meal at Drew's house that night!

Tuesday 11/24

resting hr: 66
soreness/fatigue: 2 - happy I recovered quickly

Cycle 8-10am

Intervals at Tuscany with Izzie. I only had to do 8x1min repeats - Izzie had 12. So, I did some extra at a spinning intensity and some isolated legs.

total: 20 miles

TVM Masters 11:30am-1pm

total: 3200yds

Wednesday 11/25

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 0

Found out I had to cook a turkey TOMORROW! Yes, last minute I know. So, I have to buy and make a turkey, stuffing, gravy, green bean casserole, and finish making TWO centerpieces. UUUUGGGHHHH.

TVM Masters 11:30-1pm

All I did today b/c it was easy.

total: 4000yds

Thursday THANKSGIVNG 11/26

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 0

Woke up at 4:45am to start the Turkey process. It wasn't that hard actually! I had it in the oven in enough time to get to swim practice! YAY! Happy to deplete some calories before consuming them ALL DAY! ;)

TVM Masters 8-9:30am

It wasn't too hard. Daniel let us play SHARKS AND MINNOWS at the end....masters playing sharks and minnows is hilarious!

total: 3500yds

Friday 11/27

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 0

Made it to masters this morning, and then CLEANED MY HOUSE ALL DAY! Like we're talking DEEP clean - oven, microwave, moving furniture, the dogs dishes, etc. And then put up Christmas decorations! YAY! What can I say...its a domestic week! ;)

TVM Masters 8-9:30am

Good practice.

total: 4000yds

Friday night I got to see ROXY AND GEN!! So fun! We played old lady canasta and loved it.

Saturday 11/28

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 1

I coached TVM Masters this morning - I gave them a GOOD set! ;) Only some whining.

Run 12-12:30pm

First run of the week!? OMG - why do this to myself!!?? I can't take this much time off! I ran with Rio (Emily was out of town so had me take her dog, Rio out) at the Kane Trail. It was the first time using my NEW ANNIVERSARY GIFT: the Garmin Forerunner 305! SO EXCITED!

total: 3miles, 9:12/mile - at dog pace thats good!

Then I decorated a Christmas Tree! :)

Sunday 11/29

resting hr: 54
soreness/fatigue: 2

Run 8:30-9:45am

Took Tank and the Garmin (with the HR today!) to the Kane Trail. Me and Tank ran the trail at dog pace. That was only half my run, and I knew Tank couldn't handle any more. So, I put him in the car - there was food and water and some opened windows for him - and I ran the trail for a second time! I tried to increase my pace the second time on the trial and it worked! Fast pace, but a HIGH HR.

total: 7miles, avg: 9:09/mile, avg hr: 171bpm, max hr: 188bpm (thats ALMOST max)


  1. Sharks & Minnows? Seriously? Oh, do tell!

  2. its an old classic swimming game! there are 1 or 2 designated "sharks" that sit in middle of the pool. everyone else are "minnows" who are trying to make it safely from 1 side to the other. if the shark is able to tag you on the head ABOVE the water then that minnow now becomes a shark. When you're allowed to haul people up and wrestle to get their head up - it gets pretty interesting. :)