Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fri, Sat, Sun

Friday 11/13/09

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 5

Well, we didn't know quite what we were getting in to. I either needed a 2 hr foundation ride or a brick that had a 2 hr ride to start with. Me and Izzie were hooking up with Melinda and some of her CS folks, and decided to bring our shoes and "most likely" make it our brick (though we had no idea where we were riding).

Brick 9am-1:30pm

What an adventure! We meet in Livermore, I'm expecting we'll do a local Livermore ride. I hear that we're doing Patterson Pass out to Tracy and then back around the backside of Tesla! I have never done this before.... though I know Patterson Pass is a climb, Tracy is windy, and the backside of Tesla is usually windy and its a climb! FABULOUS (with hint of sarcasm)! We only needed a 2 hr ride - but neither of us quite knowing where this ride is and Melinda saying "It'll be about 2.5hrs." We decided adding an extra 30mins is better than getting lost. Well, 4 hrs later we make it back! HAHA. Don't get me wrong, the ride was GREAT! If there was no wind I would do it once a week. I HATE WIND. Its a mental thing - and its "good" for me to practice. Going up the backside of Tesla in the wind suuuucks! I did not have enough nutrition for a 4 hr ride AND then run....yes, Izzie said lets run. Ugh. Um.....we only ran like 25 mins. But - it was a good transition run right off a long bike, and to experiment being calorie deficient.

total: 50mile ride + I don't know: 2 mile run

Saturday 11/14/09

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 6

THANK GOD I had the excuse of I "have" to go sit at a swim meet all day! ;) It was done early and Heidi came over and we hung out, got coffee, went to Michaels, Nathan made us dinner (take n bake pizza). It was a good afternoon - and I'll take it with a friend anytime.

Sunday 11/15/09

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 4 - recovered well

Run 5:30-6:15am

OMG I got up BEFORE the swim meet and ran! It helps Nathan's alarm starts going off at 5am on Sundays and I hear it first. Tank really needed a run. So, I put on my tights, gloves, winter hat, and a light on Tank and off we went into the winter morning.

total: 4 miles

Then I went and sat on my butt at a swim meet.

Cycle 7-9pm

I sat on my trainer Sunday night and did my interval work. I think the trainer is a good option for interval work actually, so it was fun. I had to do 17x1.5mins fast with 2 mins active recovery.

total: lets say 25miles

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