Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week 11: Weekly totals

Weekly Totals

time: 21hrs 55mins
ytd time: 180hrs 50mis

time: 6hrs
ytd time: 61hrs 30mins
distance: 15,300yds
ytd distance: 289,000yds (decided to see how many MILES that was: 175miles)

time: 12hrs 25mins
ytd time: 82hrs 15mins
distance: 173 miles
ytd distance: 1,194 miles

time: 3hrs 30mins
ytd time: 34hrs 25 mins
distance: 20miles
ytd distance: 189 miles

So, with figuring out that mile total for swimming...going into Thanksgiving week I have totaled: 1,558 miles of training so far!

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