Friday, February 26, 2010

3 things thursday was so about 5 things friday

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.
-- Brian Tracy

Five things I am thankful for...

1. MY TWO BOYS - Nathan (my hubby) and Tank (my lab-great dane dog). They are both loyal, happy, and loving. I love being around them. Nathan challenges me - in more than the physical way that i'm used to. Tank cuddles!! I LOVE having a cuddle dog. I love them both.

2. ICE CREAM - yes, I am VERY thankful for ice cream. It has become a very important part of my Ironman training. I will not be lying if I said I had ice cream at least 5 times a week!

3. TRIGGER POINT FOAM ROLLER - My neighbor, who is a personal trainer at Club Sport purchased one of these AMAZING things after I was complaining about my butt. I have been trying to implement more of a stretching routine into my training. It has really helped my piriformis.

4. TEAMS - I am a sucker for teams. People coming together to accomplish something, striving for something, having similar goals/aspirations, and a disciplined lifestyle! I like charisma - getting people together. I am on 3 teams/clubs: Tri Valley Masters (TVM- the masters swim team I swim for), Livermore Aqua Cowboys (LAC- the kids club team I coach for), and Forward Motion Racing Club (FMRC - the tri club that I just joined and yet to be super-involved with).

5. COFFEE- Thats just another thing that I can not live without daily! It is my morning inspiration. No, I will not walk the dog yet. No, I will not start training yet. No, I can't see anything yet. NOT until I have my coffee!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

three things thursday

wow i'm a pretty trendy blogger to pick up on these "themed" days! ;) it seems fitting for the sport of TRIathlon

1.) SWIM - this week has already had 2 hard workouts. Tuesday our main set was 30x100 on our fastest send-off possible. I was all by myself doing them on 1:15. 1:15 is not thaaaat challenging of an interval - but a constant 3,000 yard main set is challenging on the shoulders (and mind). Wednesday our workout was a little more confusing (sorry, if you can't follow) - and hard b/c Daniel said efforts had to be FAST, but when you have a descending interval you're going to be fried anyways. Its hard being a coach and being coached, b/c sometimes I wonder what energy system was really the focus and sometimes what was the focus of that?! haha. Anyways...
It was:
Round1- 4x50 @:45 + 1x100 pull @1:30 + 4x100 @1:30 + 1x200 pull @3:00
Round2- 4x50 @:40 + 1x100 pull @1:20 + 4x100 @1:20 + 1x200 pull @2:40
Round3- 4x50 @:35 + 1x100 pull @1:30 + 4x100 @1:10 + 1x200 pull @3:00

2.) BIKE - Well, Monday in the Bay Area was gorgeous, hard to see how the rest of the weeks forcast was for rain! Me and Izzie went for a ride AFTER swimming (b/c I had the day off from coaching). I WORE SHORT FINGERED GLOVES AND A SHORT SLEEVE JERSEY! YAAAYYY!! Now, I admit on the descents I was a bit cold, but I don't care - I miss short fingered gloves! We rode Palomares, up and down to Niles Canyon and turned around and went back up. We called this ride the "COCK RIDE" b/c on the way back up we saw a beautiful peacock! And then as we continued we saw a horse with an errection. Now, if you've ever seen this you know why had to stop and stare. ;) And then giggled at the miracles of biology/anatomy/nature. Wednesday, it was raining, so on the trainer it was. I did Spinnervals "Bending Crank Arms" - its always an asskicker. You have to get off the bike and do a ton of squats and iso squats and today I am sore as hell.

3.) RUN - Yes, this running thing. Well, I didn't mention in my last weeks post that I went to my first ever Forward Motion (the tri race club I finally joined) track workout. Its every Tuesday morning 6-7am. Last week I decided to just go, hoping someone would be my friend. Well, lets just say it was a HUMBLING experience! haha. These people are FAST! Our main set last week was: 3x2000 (thats 5 laps - b/c I didn't know. ha) @10k pace (I've never ran a 10k - but I'll make up a pace) with 3min active recovery between. Well, I was running a 7:30mile and getting lapped! Good thing my ego is not big. I actually "knew" (accquaintances) like 3 people there, 2 of which said hi. Even though it was a humbiling experience, and I don't know if I really can keep up; I figured doing track workouts with fast people will get me faster. SO THIS TRACK TUESDAY.....I slept pass my alarm. HA! Not only that, but I skipped my run that day anyways. Slacker. Well, I'm off for a tempo run with Mindy today, so I at least have some accountablity there.

Phew! 3 THINGS! Maybe next week I'll be trendy and post some wordless wednesday fun! ;)

Monday, February 22, 2010

a post with a picture?!

I know I'm not the most creative blogger when it comes to pictures. But this weekend was a USA swim meet called Zone 2 Pacific Champs. We live in the Pacific swimming region, and our zone that we fall in is Zone 2. So, this was a championship meet which was scored etc. The team that I have been coaching on for a little less than 1 year is a growing team. This was a "serious" meet for us - and it was SO FUN! The kids did great! I'm so proud of my little ones and their technique (I believe the best in the pool). The awesome thing is that with only 31 swimmers (some of the bigger teams had over 80) we got 6TH PLACE! THATS GREAT!!

I have a picture of most of us after our pre-meet stretching. Alex (the tall coach in the back) and his wife are expecting a baby that was due 4 days ago! HOW FUN!

car trouble, jury duty, and bears...OHMY!

ok, no bears....BUT the past 2 weeks have seemed to be crazy hectic/stressful/overwhelming. First, my Subaru was having an oil leak problem. Needless to say I spent 1 whole week basically trying to get the car into a certain mechanic, only to find out once its there that he won't do it. So, I had to pick it back up and figure out what to do next. During this I was called into JURY DUTY! This is the first time that I called the night before and wasn't dismissed. The idea of being picked on a jury STRESSED ME OUT! Stressed by the idea of lack of training and that Alex (at work) was having a baby this week and I would be covering for him. Day 1 (Thurs) - we had to fill out this 20-page questioner. Lets just say I made my answers a little more "stereotypical" (especially on the religious side). Day 2 (following Tues after presidents day) - we had to go back in and get questioned by judge and attorneys. THANK GOD I was one of the first 12 to be seated and questioned (60+ other people had to wait there for 4 hours LISTENING to our answers). Well, the attorneys did not like me, my "ultra-religious" world view, and my black and white view of law - so therefore, I was the SECOND juror to be released! And lastly, we got new couches (YAY!), but they were on craigslist to be sold ASAP so we did not have time to get rid of our current couches. So, now we have like 3 couches in our family room/kitchen - which is stressful in itself (where are we going to put these? does anyone need them? lets put them on craigslist, etc). So, this has been my last 2 weeks of stress - and it has really affected my training...mostly the consistency, the workouts I did have were good.

I'm not going to recap the full 2 weeks of workouts, I will just tell you the weekly totals.

Week 2/8-2/14 Totals
time: 12 hrs 15 mins
ytd time: 337 hrs 35 mins

time: 6 hrs 45 mins
ytd time: 116 hrs 15 mins
distance: 18,500 yds
ytd distance: 435,000 yds

time: 2 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 138 hrs
distance: 35 mi
ytd distance: 1,910 mi

time: 1 hr (ouch)
ytd time: 64 hrs 10 mins
distance: 5.1 mi
ytd distance: 370.6 mi

Week 2/15-2/21 Totals
time: 11 hrs 28 mins
ytd time: 349 hrs 58 mins

time: 3 hrs
ytd time: 119 hrs 15 mins
distance: 8,200 yds
ytd distance: 443,200 yds

time: 3 hrs 40 mins
ytd time: 141 hrs 40 mins
distance: 51.5 mi
ytd distance: 1,961.5 mi

time: 3 hrs 18 mins
ytd time: 67 hs 28 mins
distance: 19 mi
ytd distance: 389.6 mi

Monday, February 8, 2010


So, I've been searching/reading more blogs lately. And I've realized that if you have a "catchy title" name (2/1-2/7 not catchy enough?!), some really cool layouts, and pictures (who doesn't like pictures) - you'll have a more popular blog. Maybe one day I'll get the motivation to become blog-popular.

Monday 2/1
Small Brick
Must've been wet on the road b/c I did a 1.5hr trainer ride and then took Tank for a run on Kane Trail. I think this brick was more for Tank than for me; therefore, the run was at "dog pace." We were out for 40 mins and we only "ran" 20 of those minutes, for a total of 2 miles. But, my legs felt great - so thats good (and the dog got tuckered out a bit).
total: 1.5hrs + 20mins

TVM Masters
Monday Monday Monday. I'm really getting my DPS down (and comfortable) and maintaining a 6 beat kick the whole time. This is not ANYTHING that will benefit me in the Ironman, but in pool racing and just the simple act of discipline makes me happy! :)
total: 4000yds

Tuesday 2/2
The plan today was clean the house/run errands in the morning, swim masters at lunch, and the do a speed/interval run before coaching. Well, let me tell you about masters...
TVM Masters
It was distance day. Which is fine, just always hard. I say hard b/c I was a distance swimmer, so I know how things should be swum.....BUT when you don't train distance its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to do it right/fast/smart. The main set today was:
1x1650 (you had 3 options: 1 - do it straight through, 2 - do 16x100 on FSOP + 50 fast, 3 - do 3x500 descend 1-3 and then a 150 fast)
1x1000 (negative split)
1x500 (fast)
In lane 1 today was me, Karin (former Olympian and pro triathlete), and Doug (more of a newbie to lane 1, good swimmer, but not at distance - he knew he'd be getting lapped today). We decided that for the 1650 we'd do the 3x500 option. I led the lane and paced us well and smart. First 500 was a 6:15 (1:15 pace). Second 500 was a 5:57 (1:12 pace). And third 500 was 5:48 (1:10 pace). And then a 150 fast @ about 1:45. Good! The 1,000 negative split went well - I went out a little too fast in the first 200 and dialed it back. I was able to negative split only by about 5 seconds, but to be able to do that without training distance is great! 1,000 time was 11:48. Now, the 500 fast. I am pretty much toast at this point in the practice from swimming so fast. I KNOW KARIN ALWAYS FINISHES STRONG. So, I bust my butt, Karin beats me by about 5 seconds (which is fine/expected) and I go a 5:53 (which is JUST fine). That set took enough out of me, that I knew I wouldn't be running today! ;)
total: 4600yds

Wednesday 2/5
Izzie had today off and wanted to ride if weather permitted. I said "SURE!" I get a text Tuesday night from Izzie, "I need to get in a brick." I say "Sure, I can do that" then she goes "I want to do a long brick." "Ok, I'm fine with that." And then, "I want to be able to finish before swimming." I finish by "Uh, yeah ok yes."
We start at 7am. Its FREEZING and WAY foggy. (I didn't have lights on my bike - and I really should have for safety). We bike from Izzies house to Del Valle, did both sides and ride back. Its a good ride, 33 miles with a bit of climbing. Now, let me preface that I'm wearing my garmin for the ride and run - so its getting everything. Let me also preface that I know a weak area of mine is fueling while COLD. Why would I want to drink cold/lukewarm liquids when its cold outside? We change at Izzies house and head out on a 8 mile run. The run starts with a MASSIVE hill and then rolling hills after that. Like normal, my feet take about 10 mins to get feeling. I felt "ok" going out. But at the turnaround I just am dying. I had my hand bottle and poured the rest of my perpetuem (that I did not drink on bike...hint, hint) in that. I'm dying more as we go. This was the first time I realized why people do the run/walk technique and plan it into their Ironman. I did walk, at about mile 6, for like 2 mins. Climbed some nasty hills and then it was downhill to Izzies house. PAINFUL. I was able to hold 9:33/mi on the run which I'm actually impressed b/c I was so close to complete bonking. Now, let me tell you what I learned today: my garmin registered that between the bike and run I burned a total of 3700 calories. Now ask me how many calories I took in?! Oh - about 150 calories!!! DDDDUUUUHHH! Thats asking for a ticket to BONKVILLE! Wow, learned my lesson and paid for it as this workout took me 3 days to recover from.
total: 2.5hrs bike (33miles) + 1 hr 20 mins (8miles)


Thursday 2/4
I woke up every 10 mins Wednesday night b/c I had to coach TVM masters at 5am and I was PARANOID I'd sleep through my alarm. I made it there, coached LONG COURSE (I hate both swimming and coaching long course), and tried to take a nap when I got home.

Tempo Run
THANK GOD Mindy was on taper!! Mindy is running Kaiser's 1/2 marathon this weekend so was tapering. She wanted to get in a 8-9 mile run, but flat and not super fast. Last week I had told her I'd still like to do it together, and I'd probably run ahead. HA! After yesterdays workout I was happy to run slower. We did a 8.5 mile flat loop and held 9:19/mi. It hurt so much for me, but I'm happy I did it. I know that normally a 9:19 would be cake, so I was ok.
total: 8.5miles

I had to take my car into the shop straight from the run and then my mom picked me up and we went straight to swimming. Now, after bonkville yesterday, coaching at 5am this morning, super stressing about my car (it was way weird), tempo run, and then headed to swim......I WAS DONE!

TVM Masters
It was the practice I gave in the morning, changed to yards. I should've made an easier practice.
total: 4500 yds

Done physically and mentally. But, what was such a blessing to my day after all of that, was my neighbor, Kristi, gave me a plate of homemade cinnamon rolls and a trigger point foam roller (its amazing)!! What a sweetheart! That evening, my mom dropped me off to coach and Nathan picked me up. And at night, as I was trigger point foam rolling my butt out in front of the TV Nathan reminded me that I forgot there was a FOMO IM CDA meet and greet tonight! DANG IT!

Friday 2/5
After reading about the last 2 days I'm sure you're thinking - this girl needs to COOL IT! Don't worry, I'm getting a little more wise about recovery. I stretched for over 1 hr in the morning and swam - thats it.
TVM Masters
It was speed day! YAY! I am only excited b/c speed day is the EASIEST day to slack off! Especially when I'm going 5th behind 4 men....haha. I just hold on for a ride. I was totally fine slacking off a bit, but I kept my discipline (not in speed/time but in DPS).
total: 4000yds

Saturday 2/6
The plan for the day was a 8am, 90 mile bike ride. Well, that got cancelled b/c of rain. I was pissed b/c there was a ride scheduled with people for Sunday, but I PREFER to go to church on Sunday. But since I missed the ride last Sunday and wasn't able to ride today - I planned to go out tomorrow.
Me and Nathan hung out, I stretched a lot (maybe bruising from the roller. ha), and we got a new couch! We'd been searching craigslist for awhile, and while I was on the laptop some lady was moving and had to get rid of a couch tonight (so it was priced to sell...FAST!) We got it! Its great! Buuut- now we have to craigslist our couches - so, they're still sitting in our place....Tank doesn't know which couch to sleep on! ;)

Sunday 2/7
Long Ride
Melinda planned this ride. We met at Tullys in Pleasanton and were going to ride Mines Rd. There were 3 groups - 1 group was riding Mines to the County Line. 1 group was riding Mines to the Junction. And 1 group (Melinda was trying to convince) was riding up the back of Hamilton. Now, I would LOVE to ride the backside of Hamilton, but it is a BEAST of a ride (hard and total 115 miles from Pleasanton), its February (and most likely snow up there), and its superbowl (don't want to miss my beer and nachos!). I was in group 2 (going to the junction and back). Dana's FOMO friend Alexia came out for the ride. I had heard a lot about her. She is doing IM CDA as her first Ironman too! AND SHES IN HER 20'S!! We got to know each other a bit on the ride, and laughed how we mostly hang out with mid-40 yr olds b/c thats who is doing stuff. I think we were both excited to meet a younger athlete. Though, I will say that I was relieved when I heard that on race day she will be 30 (and therefore out of my age group!!). It was a good ride, a bit cold. And I had pull all of group 2 back from The Junction. Once you get over the first 2 climbs its fast rollers for 10+ miles. Usually it ends up being a great pace line, but how did I end up pulling the whole time!? We got back to Pleasanton, I was happy and beat! Enjoying my beer, nachos, and foam roller with the super bowl!
total: 80 miles


time: 24 hrs 25 mins
ytd time: 325 hrs 20 mins

time: 6 hrs
ytd time: 109 hrs 30 mins
distance: 17,100 yds
ytd distance: 416,500 yds

time: 10 hrs
ytd time: 135 hrs 30 mins
distance: 133 mi
ytd distance: 1,875 mi

time: 2 hrs 55 mins
ytd time: 63 hrs 10 mins
distance: 18.5 mi
ytd distance: 365.5 mi

Friday, February 5, 2010

week: 1/15-1/31

This week was another week of rain for NorCal - and I think it zapped my motivation to kill it in the training. (at least thats my excuse)

Monday 1/15
I had ran an awesome 17 miles on Sunday so Monday was a recovery day! I swam though, b/c it really helps me recover faster than anything else.
I came. I swam/floated. I showered.
total: 3200yds
I made a lemon meringue pie with lemons from a friends tree that had fallen in the storm last week. Me and Nathan can not eat a whole pie (well...maybe I should say SHOULDN'T eat a whole pie) so we offered to bring some over to our neighbors Josh and Kristi once the kids had gone to bed. We love hanging out with them, they are great! We stayed over for a LONG time. Kristi showed me how they make it work with 2 kids (and a great dane) in their place - lets just say its fancy closest space magic.

Tuesday 1/26
I think it was seeing how Josh and Kristi fit their whole family in the condo that made me go on a "nesting"/cleaning/simplifying spree. Maybe it was the idea of having to fit a child in here SOMEDAY that made me want to start making room now so its not such a big deal then. Literally spent the WHOLE day cleaning/making 4 massive goodwill bags. Phew - felt good though. Workout schmorkout! :)

Wednesday 1/27
IT WAS A DRY DAY! So, we planned a NEW RIDE (at least new to me)
Me, Dana, and Izzie drove down to Walnut Creek to meet up with one of Dana's IM friends, Margaret. We rode a route that had some infamous hills: Pig Farm Hill and 3 Bears. It was new to me, very pretty, some pretty good climbs, and I love being outside!
total: 45mile
No swimming since we were out in Walnut Creek. I had a meeting with Alex before coaching, so no stretching either until night.

Thursday 1/28
Tempo run with Mindy. We got lucky again with the rain, it started 5 mins after I got in my car! We did the reverse loop of out 9 mile run - so the bigger hills were in the beginning. Mindy is training for the Napa Marathon (going to pick up Boston qualification) and Napa has hills in the beginning.
total: 9 miles @ 8:45/mi (it felt like it should've been faster - but I guess my legs had some fatigue from the ride yesterday)
TVM Masters
I came. I swam. I showered.
total: 4000yds
And some good stretching at night

Friday 1/29
I was going to wake up and swim masters at 5am. Well, Nathan had a buddy over Thursday night to fix a computer problem, and needless to say I stayed up with them til midnight and noway I was going to make a 5am workout. I stretched for 1 hr in the morning before going to spend the day with Heidi (+ crew) to help try on wedding dresses! It was fun and she got a GREAT dress for a GREAT price.

Saturday 1/30
TVM Masters
Every January US Masters does an event called the "1 HOUR POSTAL SWIM." You swim for exactly 1 hr, have someone count your laps, and then pay $5 and turn in the record of swam laps and you get ranked with masters in you age group nationally. Now, I have NO DESIRE of competing to get some national rank of boring laps swam in 1 hr. I've done the postal swim every year and don't turn in the paperwork - usually for fun and doing something different (last year it was a 3600 IM - yes, 900 of each stroke). This year I figured it'd be good Ironman training, since I want to be sub 1 hr in the swim. I was going to swim the straight hour, easy, and as long as I swam more than 4200yds (about 2.5miles) then I'd be happy. Well, swimming for 1 hr straight, doing the same thing, is BORING! But, I did it. I started to finally feel warmed up/good at aboue 3000yds - ha, figures. I got in 4700yds very easily, with swimming 100 back every 1000 yds.
Yet, with how "easy" I went - swimming for 1 hr straight still takes some energy out of you. I took a nap Saturday afternoon, made lemon bars, cleaned, and we went out to dinner with the Eatons.

Sunday 1/31
I was torn on whether to go to church and spend time with family and friends, or go out on a long group ride. I went to church, but still was a little jealous I wasn't out for a long ride.
So, I sat on my trainer a long time! Nathan works at the church Sunday morning, so he gets there early. I don't go to church until 11am - PLENTY of time to get in a workout. I spend 2 hrs on the trainer (and off the trainer doing some squats/isometric squats) and then later that evening (knowing my cycling friends put in a good 5+ hrs of riding today) I sat on my bike for another 1.5hrs for another trainer workout. I'd say 3.5 hrs on the trainer is about as exciting as a 1 hr postal swim - a little boring, but good for me to do.
total: lets say 40 miles


time: 13 hrs 50 mins
ytd time: 300 hrs 55 mins (woo hoo - 300)

time: 4 hrs
ytd time: 103 hrs 30 mins
distance: 11,900 yds
ytd distance: 399,400 yds

time: 6 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 125 hrs 30 mins
distance: 85 miles
ytd distance: 1,742 miles

time: 1 hr 20 mins
ytd time: 60 hrs 15 mins
distance: 9 miles (oops - pathetic after last week. ha.)
ytd distance: 347 miles