Thursday, February 25, 2010

three things thursday

wow i'm a pretty trendy blogger to pick up on these "themed" days! ;) it seems fitting for the sport of TRIathlon

1.) SWIM - this week has already had 2 hard workouts. Tuesday our main set was 30x100 on our fastest send-off possible. I was all by myself doing them on 1:15. 1:15 is not thaaaat challenging of an interval - but a constant 3,000 yard main set is challenging on the shoulders (and mind). Wednesday our workout was a little more confusing (sorry, if you can't follow) - and hard b/c Daniel said efforts had to be FAST, but when you have a descending interval you're going to be fried anyways. Its hard being a coach and being coached, b/c sometimes I wonder what energy system was really the focus and sometimes what was the focus of that?! haha. Anyways...
It was:
Round1- 4x50 @:45 + 1x100 pull @1:30 + 4x100 @1:30 + 1x200 pull @3:00
Round2- 4x50 @:40 + 1x100 pull @1:20 + 4x100 @1:20 + 1x200 pull @2:40
Round3- 4x50 @:35 + 1x100 pull @1:30 + 4x100 @1:10 + 1x200 pull @3:00

2.) BIKE - Well, Monday in the Bay Area was gorgeous, hard to see how the rest of the weeks forcast was for rain! Me and Izzie went for a ride AFTER swimming (b/c I had the day off from coaching). I WORE SHORT FINGERED GLOVES AND A SHORT SLEEVE JERSEY! YAAAYYY!! Now, I admit on the descents I was a bit cold, but I don't care - I miss short fingered gloves! We rode Palomares, up and down to Niles Canyon and turned around and went back up. We called this ride the "COCK RIDE" b/c on the way back up we saw a beautiful peacock! And then as we continued we saw a horse with an errection. Now, if you've ever seen this you know why had to stop and stare. ;) And then giggled at the miracles of biology/anatomy/nature. Wednesday, it was raining, so on the trainer it was. I did Spinnervals "Bending Crank Arms" - its always an asskicker. You have to get off the bike and do a ton of squats and iso squats and today I am sore as hell.

3.) RUN - Yes, this running thing. Well, I didn't mention in my last weeks post that I went to my first ever Forward Motion (the tri race club I finally joined) track workout. Its every Tuesday morning 6-7am. Last week I decided to just go, hoping someone would be my friend. Well, lets just say it was a HUMBLING experience! haha. These people are FAST! Our main set last week was: 3x2000 (thats 5 laps - b/c I didn't know. ha) @10k pace (I've never ran a 10k - but I'll make up a pace) with 3min active recovery between. Well, I was running a 7:30mile and getting lapped! Good thing my ego is not big. I actually "knew" (accquaintances) like 3 people there, 2 of which said hi. Even though it was a humbiling experience, and I don't know if I really can keep up; I figured doing track workouts with fast people will get me faster. SO THIS TRACK TUESDAY.....I slept pass my alarm. HA! Not only that, but I skipped my run that day anyways. Slacker. Well, I'm off for a tempo run with Mindy today, so I at least have some accountablity there.

Phew! 3 THINGS! Maybe next week I'll be trendy and post some wordless wednesday fun! ;)

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