Friday, February 5, 2010

week: 1/15-1/31

This week was another week of rain for NorCal - and I think it zapped my motivation to kill it in the training. (at least thats my excuse)

Monday 1/15
I had ran an awesome 17 miles on Sunday so Monday was a recovery day! I swam though, b/c it really helps me recover faster than anything else.
I came. I swam/floated. I showered.
total: 3200yds
I made a lemon meringue pie with lemons from a friends tree that had fallen in the storm last week. Me and Nathan can not eat a whole pie (well...maybe I should say SHOULDN'T eat a whole pie) so we offered to bring some over to our neighbors Josh and Kristi once the kids had gone to bed. We love hanging out with them, they are great! We stayed over for a LONG time. Kristi showed me how they make it work with 2 kids (and a great dane) in their place - lets just say its fancy closest space magic.

Tuesday 1/26
I think it was seeing how Josh and Kristi fit their whole family in the condo that made me go on a "nesting"/cleaning/simplifying spree. Maybe it was the idea of having to fit a child in here SOMEDAY that made me want to start making room now so its not such a big deal then. Literally spent the WHOLE day cleaning/making 4 massive goodwill bags. Phew - felt good though. Workout schmorkout! :)

Wednesday 1/27
IT WAS A DRY DAY! So, we planned a NEW RIDE (at least new to me)
Me, Dana, and Izzie drove down to Walnut Creek to meet up with one of Dana's IM friends, Margaret. We rode a route that had some infamous hills: Pig Farm Hill and 3 Bears. It was new to me, very pretty, some pretty good climbs, and I love being outside!
total: 45mile
No swimming since we were out in Walnut Creek. I had a meeting with Alex before coaching, so no stretching either until night.

Thursday 1/28
Tempo run with Mindy. We got lucky again with the rain, it started 5 mins after I got in my car! We did the reverse loop of out 9 mile run - so the bigger hills were in the beginning. Mindy is training for the Napa Marathon (going to pick up Boston qualification) and Napa has hills in the beginning.
total: 9 miles @ 8:45/mi (it felt like it should've been faster - but I guess my legs had some fatigue from the ride yesterday)
TVM Masters
I came. I swam. I showered.
total: 4000yds
And some good stretching at night

Friday 1/29
I was going to wake up and swim masters at 5am. Well, Nathan had a buddy over Thursday night to fix a computer problem, and needless to say I stayed up with them til midnight and noway I was going to make a 5am workout. I stretched for 1 hr in the morning before going to spend the day with Heidi (+ crew) to help try on wedding dresses! It was fun and she got a GREAT dress for a GREAT price.

Saturday 1/30
TVM Masters
Every January US Masters does an event called the "1 HOUR POSTAL SWIM." You swim for exactly 1 hr, have someone count your laps, and then pay $5 and turn in the record of swam laps and you get ranked with masters in you age group nationally. Now, I have NO DESIRE of competing to get some national rank of boring laps swam in 1 hr. I've done the postal swim every year and don't turn in the paperwork - usually for fun and doing something different (last year it was a 3600 IM - yes, 900 of each stroke). This year I figured it'd be good Ironman training, since I want to be sub 1 hr in the swim. I was going to swim the straight hour, easy, and as long as I swam more than 4200yds (about 2.5miles) then I'd be happy. Well, swimming for 1 hr straight, doing the same thing, is BORING! But, I did it. I started to finally feel warmed up/good at aboue 3000yds - ha, figures. I got in 4700yds very easily, with swimming 100 back every 1000 yds.
Yet, with how "easy" I went - swimming for 1 hr straight still takes some energy out of you. I took a nap Saturday afternoon, made lemon bars, cleaned, and we went out to dinner with the Eatons.

Sunday 1/31
I was torn on whether to go to church and spend time with family and friends, or go out on a long group ride. I went to church, but still was a little jealous I wasn't out for a long ride.
So, I sat on my trainer a long time! Nathan works at the church Sunday morning, so he gets there early. I don't go to church until 11am - PLENTY of time to get in a workout. I spend 2 hrs on the trainer (and off the trainer doing some squats/isometric squats) and then later that evening (knowing my cycling friends put in a good 5+ hrs of riding today) I sat on my bike for another 1.5hrs for another trainer workout. I'd say 3.5 hrs on the trainer is about as exciting as a 1 hr postal swim - a little boring, but good for me to do.
total: lets say 40 miles


time: 13 hrs 50 mins
ytd time: 300 hrs 55 mins (woo hoo - 300)

time: 4 hrs
ytd time: 103 hrs 30 mins
distance: 11,900 yds
ytd distance: 399,400 yds

time: 6 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 125 hrs 30 mins
distance: 85 miles
ytd distance: 1,742 miles

time: 1 hr 20 mins
ytd time: 60 hrs 15 mins
distance: 9 miles (oops - pathetic after last week. ha.)
ytd distance: 347 miles


  1. Great workouts, wonderful running times! Honestly, you are doing great!

    As a Mom of a 23 year old daughter, what I am dying to know is WHERE DID YOUR FRIEND GET A DRESS AT A GOOD PRICE? ;)

  2. thanks jolynn! she got this dress:
    at a j'aime bridal shop in downtown pleasanton for only $780!! (her budget was $1000)