Tuesday, January 26, 2010

week: 1/18-1/24

This was California's BIG STORM! It sucked. We are definitely not used to 7 STRAIGHT days almost completely filled with rain. Ugh. But even with the weather, I had a surprisingly good training week.

Monday 1/18
I had the day off from coaching since I coached Saturday and Sunday. Now, according to my training plan that Sat and Sun needed to have a LONG ride and a LONG run. So, since I had the whole day (and running is what most needs to be worked on) I was going to get in a LONG RUN. Well, I found (what I thought was) a break in the rain, headed out for a 18 mile run, ALONE. Well, after getting DUMPED on and with soggy socks and miserable by myself. I came home at mile 8.
total: 8 mi
Drew came over, we played games, and had hot coco! Then me and Nathan went up to my parents house for dinner with a new couple from church. The power went out, and we played more games in candle light!

Tuesday 1/19
Pissed off at rain. Can't run outside. Don't have my bike to ride inside. So, what else is there to do??
TVM Masters
You can always do this in the rain. I wore dark goggles....MISTAKE!
total: 4000yds
Funny story... nothing to do with IM training. I head to coaching in the evening on Tuesday in the storm. My poor little 10 and unders got HAILED ON, HARD! Swimming in hail is one of those experiences that EVERY little swimmer has and remembers, so it was fun to experience that with them (but boy oh boy was it CHAOS!). Then it thundered/lightning .... so lucky them, they got out. My big LAC kids (11-13yrs) who swam 1.5hrs later were jealous of the little ones, mostly b/c they had to stay in the whole time! ;)

Wednesday 1/20
MORE RAIN! But luckily I have my bike back!
Trainer Ride
I did a 1.5 hr Spinnerval DVD. It was good, nice to work hard on the trainer/bike for over 1 hr. Sat next to a window and pretended I was outside, wind in my hair, tongue hanging out. :)
total: lets say 25 miles
TVM Masters
Yay, finally a double workout. Slacker. And I remember this workout, b/c it was good (for me)! To preface, I had a coaching conference the first weekend in January and one of the big things we learned and are adapting to our program at LAC is basically Distance Per Stroke (DPS) and working with a crazy kick. Less plain "kicking" sets only, and more working on strong kicking WHILE swimming a long, efficient, strong stroke. I am a kinesthetic learner, and I like to practice what I preach, so I've been trying to lower my DPS count and keep a 6 beat kick ALWAYS! With the idea that, where I fail in sets, the kids I coach might also fail - and how to not let that happen etc. Oh boy...I haven't held a 6 beat kick consistently for years! The set was 2x(4x200) descend 1-4 to 90% and then 5-8 to 100%. I did the whole thing with a stroke count of 13-14 (except # 8 which at 100% was 15) and kept a 6 beat kick the WHOLE time. It kept my HR down, I felt efficient, and still had good time (#4 was 2:15 and #8 was 2:11).
total: 4500 yds

Thursday 1/21
Tempo run with Mindy. We were going to do out 9 mile route in REVERSE to try the hills in the beginning of the run, and not the end. It was fine, I could've left Mindy and ran faster but I wanted to stay with her. (She probably has a reason to hold back and not push to breaking point EVERY tempo run....is what I'm thinking). We actually made it 6 miles before the rain came! YAY!!!
total: 9 miles @ 8:49/mi pace
Nathan had the day off (randomly) so I stayed home from swimming today. Instead we listened to the rain, I baked chocolate chip cookies, I stretched a lot, and we watched a movie before I went to coach.

Friday 1/22
I knew I had a long ride on Saturday and a long run on Sunday, so I think I took the day kindof light in prep.
TVM Masters
I came. I swam. I showered.
total: 4000yds
We went out with Heidi and Bryce to bowl. I SUCK AT BOWLING. Even in our third round of bowling, everyone else was now "playing around" (grannys, between legs, left handed etc) and I was still trying my hardest..... I still LOST. haha. Stupid bowling.

Saturday 1/23
This was the FIRST day all week that rain was not in the forecast. So, we were all DYING to get outside.
Met everyone for a 8am departure time. It rained up till 7:30am (which sucked) so the ground was still wet. We rode from Dublin to Alamo/Walnut Creek - along the base of Mt. Diablo on Tassajara - along Highland to the Altamont Pass - and then up the backside of Patterson Pass (which is not easy). It felt GREAT to get out and ride long, though my legs could tell the difference b/w a trainer and real riding (and my lack of time on the bike in general).
total: 80 miles
With running tomorrow - please oh please let my legs be fresh.

Sunday 1/24
I got forwarded an email from Mindy about a group run, 7am, from Noahs Bagels. I've run with them before, definitely slower and less experienced - but kept up mostly. This morning there must have been 30 PEOPLE! OMG - was I intimidated. There were 3 distance runs offered: 11 mile, 17 mile, and 20 mile. Mindy and her friends, who are all doing the Napa Marathon, were on track for the 20 miles. I said I'd love to do the 20 miles, but I'd plan on 17 miles and if I felt good I'd go for 20 miles. So, I started with them and felt good. I still did 17 miles, I didn't need to get in 20 yet. Plus, my BUTT hurts - doing research I think its either sciatic nerve or piriformis.
total: 17 miles @ 9:25/mi
I sat and church, and tried to stretch while drinking my chocolate milk. Ate a big chipotle burrito bowl. And went to register with Heidi for her wedding. :)


time: 21 hrs 10 mins (I think thats my highest)
ytd time: 297 hrs 5 mins

time: 4.5 hrs
ytd time: 99.5 hrs
distance: 12,500 yds
ytd distance: 387,500 yds

time: 8.5 hrs
ytd time: 119 hrs
distance: 105 mi
ytd distance: 1,657 mi

time: 5 hrs 10 mins
ytd time: 58 hrs 55 mins
distance: 33.5 mi (my highest!)
ytd distance: 338 mi

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