Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Season

Lisa's insight:
Well, I've blogged just about as much as I've trained the past few weeks!! Its rough during the holidays, life is so busy (of wonderful things). Normally, I would become guilt-ridden about how much I wasn't doing, falling off track, and just plain depressed - but I decided to look at my fitness in a much more REALISTIC way. (Don't get me wrong...all of you "super active people" know that there is a natural/healthy depression that comes with not working out, so I'm not denying that healthy reminder) But, I am NOT a college athlete anymore. I do NOT have to keep a certain level of achievement to earn money. I do NOT have a coach breathing down my neck if I miss a practice (though I never missed anyways). AND the biggest thing....... I do NOT WANT to have athletics be my BIGGEST priority in life anymore!!! Swimming was MY LIFE for so many years thats it was nice once I got married to have MY HUSBAND be my biggest priority. Family is the real deal. And what other time of year is family so important as in the holidays. So, it was a good "test" to see if I could LET GO of the athletics/training and enjoy all the time, prepping, shopping, partying, eating (good and bad) with my real lives priority.


Here is a short re-cap of the December training...

Week: 12/7-12/13
Freezing. Monday we ran the Ridge in snow! Swam in cold. Tuesday I did a trainer workout. Feeling sick. Wednesday was our 2nd Anniversary. Thursday was a good, fast tempo run. Out in Stockton (in the rain) all weekend at a swim meet.

Week: 12/14-12/20 (a descent week!)
Monday and Tuesday were both swim and trainer rides. Christmas shopping 1/2 done. Wednesday swim. Thursday was a good 8mi tempo run. Friday was a Parker Family Ladies Day in San Fran - VERY FUN!! Saturday we rode with ClubSport to DelValle. Sunday was the longest run I've done in my life!!! 17 MILES! Holy crap did my BUTT hurt by the end. We held 9:29/mi which is great, especially b/c our route had hills. I was SO happy.

Week: 12/21-12/27
We had a lot to plan, buy, and do for the White Family Christmas'....I was a "bit" stressed. All I did was ride Diablo with Izzie and Dana IN THE RAIN (sucked and freezing) on Monday. I finished my Christmas shopping on Monday. Did NO TRAINING Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday was a good Christmas Eve tempo run with Mindy, 9 miles at 8:49/mile. And that was it for the week. YUKA AND TADASHI GOT MARRIED ON SUNDAY. We drove down to LA Sunday (12/27) morning and came home Monday morning.

Week: 12/28-1/3
Monday we drove back from LA. Tuesday we rode Mt. Diablo TWICE - not an easy ride 1 time! (and still COLLLD - and took 5hrs). Wednesday I got in the water for the first time in 2 weeks! HOLY CRAP I miss the water. Thursday was New Years Eve. The team I coach for gives the kids a "hell practice" for New Years Eve. It was 110x50's for my little 10&unders, 110x75's for the 11&12's, and 110x100's for the high schoolers. Its totally doable - just more of a monotonous and psychological set. So, I got in for the first time with the kids and did the 110x50s with my little munchkins, and once we finished I went over with my 11&12's and finished up about 40x75's with them. We went to Kirkwood right after that for New Years Eve weekend. It was FUN! We did not downhill ski b/c Kirkwood had a power outage b/c generators caught on fire. So we cross country skiied on Friday and snowshoed on Saturday. Sunday was "take Christmas decorations down" day, Church, and laundry.

HAPPY 2010!!! Heres to a year of goals, accomplishments, sweat, and love from family and friends!!! :)

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