Tuesday, January 26, 2010

week: 1/11 - 1/17

I'm behind again...sorry. I realize theres no pictures too. They are all on facebook, and to coordinate them with blog posts seems like too much time (but of course would make the blog better).

Monday 1/11
Did a brick with Izzie. Rode most of Calaveras (we both wanted to swim, so turned around accordingly) and ran the Kane Trail with Tank. Because I had the dog, I ran at "dog pace."
total: bike 30mi + run 3mi
TVM Masters
I came. I swam. I showered.
total: 4000yds

Tuesday 1/12
Looking back at my log, I don't remember what really happened this day. I really should've rode my trainer, but for some reason I only swam.
TVM Masters
I came. I swam. I showered.
total: 4000yds

Wednesday 1/13
I had an interval sprint workout to do. I decided to take Tank with me, figuring he would catch up to me on the active recovery in between sprints. Well, Tank was hilarious. It was partially drizzling here and there, the ground was wet, and things were fresh. Tank was in EVERY puddle and little pond along Kane Trail. He was WAY more entertaining than my sprints. ;)
total: 4 mi
TVM Masters
Sorry, I didn't write down any of the workouts this week. So, I don't remember what we did. Must not have been that hard (or I'd remember).
total: 4000yds

Thursday 1/14
Met Mindy for our tempo run. I know, with sprints yesterday how smart is that? Oh well, this week was kindof weird training patterns anyways. We wanted to do 10 miles, but only ended up with 9.5 miles. And once I'm "back at the barn" and not hit mileage, I do not go farther past my car etc....its just too depressing for me. This was the first time I BEAT Mindy! I left her on some hills. She wasn't feeling 100%, but I was still proud of myself. Avg pace was 8:38/mi! For a hilly 9.5mi thats great!
total: 9.5mi
Then I took my bike to REI for Jimmy to work on. I was hoping it could be done in 1 day, b/c people were riding Hamilton Friday morning. Needless to say I didn't get the bike back till Tues (1/19). But, Jimmy was doing me a favor so beggers can't be choosers.

Friday 1/15
TVM Masters
I came. I swam. I showered.
total: 4500yds
Heidi and Bryce (newly engaged, and I'm in the bridal party) came over for dinner and games! I made a new homemade chili recipe in the crock-pot, Nathan made cornbread, and we played Canasta (yes, we are all mid-20's and playing my grandma's card game on a Friday night) :)

Saturday and Sunday
I had to coach both days. I was planning on doing some trainer rides at night, BUT the bike was in the shop. The weekend was the start of the California storm....so, sitting outside for 8 hrs in the rain to watch the swimmer kids was, umm, "great." Most of my swimmers did fabulous, so I can't complain too much.


time: 10 hrs 50 mins (ouch)
ytd time: 265 hrs 55 mins

time: 6 hrs
ytd time: 95 hrs
distance: 16,500 yds
ytd distance: 375,000 yds

time: 2 hrs
ytd time: 110 hrs 30 mins
distance: 30 mi
ytd distance: 1552 mi

time: 2 hrs 50 mins
ytd time: 53 hrs 45 mins
distance: 16.5 mi
ytd distance: 304.5 mi

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