Tuesday, January 12, 2010

back on track....

Week of 1/4-1/10

Ran to TVM swim practice and felt like my HR was about to pop out of my head....uh oh did I lose fitness already?! I ran home too... it wasn't that pretty.
total: 7.5mi
Why so hard on Monday huh Daniel? Maybe b/c I ran there..AND I have not been swimming much lately. Time to burn off some Christmas cookies.
total: 4000yds

DOUBLE DIABLO! Yes, 2 weeks in a row doing it TWICE! This time was A LOT harder. I think b/c I went faster on the first time up. I did NOT want to do it twice, good thing I have hardcore training friends. Lee joined us - he is a pro triathlete and super talented old guy! (hes 60 with a body of a 40 yr old!)
total: only 50miles but over 7,000ft elevation gain
Oh boy did I need it!
total: 1 hr of glorious pain

TVM Swim
I was looking for a recovery swim after yesterdays ride....well, with overachievers in my lane that did not happen! The set was 3x(4x150), Round 1 @ Fastest Send-Off Possible +10, Round 2 @ FSOP +5, Round 3 @ FSOP. I wanted an easy 2:00, 1:55, 1:50....but I knew that wasn't going to happen when Karin and Scott were in my lane, so I crossed my fingers for 1:55, 1:50, 1:45. Well, Scott wanted to go 1:50, 1:45, 1:40.....and crazy Karin (former Olympian..I guess shes talented or something ;) ) agreed! UGGGHHH! Well, thank GOD after the first round on the 1:50 Karin said 1:40 would be out of reach....we kicked Scott out to do the 1:40's on his own and I led 2 rounds @ 1:45 (which is STILL NOT EASY!). I'm tired. Tim was also there, floating in the back, doing his own interval. ha.
total: 4500yds
I DID get on my trainer at night, even though I really didn't want to. (Pat myself on my back). I did 3x8mins @ zone 3/4..supposed to be zone 4 but it was SO HARD for me to get my HR up there. Stayed on the bike for about 1hr 15mins
total: lets say 20mi

Met Mindy (Boston Marathoner) for our tempo run. I had warned her about my Mondays performance and she was more than welcome to drop me and go off faster. She said she was not too motivated herself and we'd see how we'd do. The goal was to go 10 miles and we were going to run our 9 mile loop and change a bit to what we'd expect add 1 mile. Well, that change added a HORRIBLE hill and actually was a more efficient loop and it was 9 miles exactly, and since it was a HARDER 9miles we stopped. When we looked at our garmins we were happy with the results....avg pace was 8:36!! WOW. Last time 9 miles with less hills was 8:48...awesome improvement. (I won't tell you my avg HR though)
TVM Swim
EASY PLEASE EASY! I'm tired. After (basically) a 3 week break I'm not used to all this training! I actually got into lane 5 at practice (b/c it was empty). Of course, more people came and I had to move up. But why was I made to lead my lane!? I forget what the set was....speed day with a ton of 75's IM and free on a fast interval. I did get out early... I was so done.
total: 3800yds

Did a brick with Izzie. I needed a long one. But at this point of the week I was beyond fatigued. We decided to make 2 loops on an easier ride. It was shorter, but I'm ok with that. Then we ran a loop around Izzies neighborhood....HOLY HILLS IZZIE! She did great, we held 9:20 with some gnarly hills.
total: 20 miles + 3.5 miles
TVM Swim
Did NOT happen. I went to take my bike in for some work only to find out that it would cost $300!! Sorry, too much for me - I'll take my bike to Jimmy!

Saturday & Sunday
We had a swim coach conference up in Napa. Cooper, Alex, and I went from LAC. Plenty other of Pacific coaches were there, so it was quite social. It was a good weekend! Great speakers, lots of learning, and a good chance to bond with Cooper and Alex a bit more! (No workouts)

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