Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DONE with being cold...

this is a guilty rant...

I am SO done with this wet and cold spring we are having! I want to be outside, warm, and excited. This wind and rain is ridiculous, and I'm sick of it! ARG!

I was supposed to meet Izzie at 7am for a ride... canceled - rained out.

So I sat on my trainer for 1.5hrs, I did squats, I did iso-squats.

I was supposed to swim.

I look outside hoping for a break in the rain so I can enjoy getting into a suit and jumping in the water. Nope. I REALLY don't want to drop my core body temp by getting naked on a pool deck.

So now I stayed home, ironed the hubbys shirt, and am now feeling guilty....

I'm going to go sit on my trainer again, and think of the wind through my hair!

Monday, April 26, 2010

4/19-4/25 Weekly Totals..its a good week!

Monday - After a long weekend of swimming, needed to ramp up the other sports! Me and Izzie met up at 7am for a long(ish) run. Ran 12 miles @ 8:49 avg pace and avg 166 bpm. Great after I considered my body fried from the weekend. No swim workouts offered today, so I cleaned my house in the afternoon before coaching.

Tuesday - I told myself no matter how tired I am from swim meet, no matter how sore/fatigued I am from the 12 miles on Monday, I WILL go to FOMO track Tuesday @6am. Well, alarm went off and I can HEAR the WIND AND RAIN! Its nasty. So, I went back to bed. BUT - I did go and do the same track workout on a treadmill (I'm proud I did the whole thing on the stupid TM). Total of 5 miles. Went to swim with TVM at lunch. Now the pool people FORGOT to turn up the temperature of the pool after the swim meet! Racing temp is at 79 degrees and normal workout temp is around 80-81. So now after no heater since Sunday and now cold rain dumping into the pool the temp was 77! If I wanted a 77 temp water I would go to a lake. And its raining. And I'm already tired. Ugh, I get in anyways, feel like crap from the meet and running, but swim 3,000yds.

Wednesday - Dana was going to ride in Walnut Creek, I was skeptical about the weather and bailed. Luckily for me they rode 30mins before getting dumped on and coming home. I did a tempo bike ride on the trainer (exciting, I know). Went to swim with TVM, pool heater was turned on Tuesday but it takes awhile to affect a 50 meter pool. Pool temp was 78. I can still feel the swim meet in my shoulder and lats.....and motivation. It was a significant set, nothing TOO outrageous, but today it felt pretty tough. Cranked out the 4000yds.

Thursday - Weather was clear for the day, just high winds (my favorite while biking...hmph). Met Izzie early for a ride. We rode Del Valle, as just a foundation ride, that was nice for me. It has 2 good hills and we just did 35miles. Izzie made it a brick, my brick is tomorrow. Now the wind was COLD today, and working out (aka sweating) in the early AM just makes me cold and keeps me cold. I go to TVM lunch swim and am cold and MORE unmotivated than usual! Its distance day and more people than usual. I get in and KNOW I'm just wasting space that these other (motivated)men could actually use. So, I literally swim for 30 mins, do a 2000yd warmup and get out. Sorry coach - just not feelin it today, I'm going to go home and cuddle with my dog.

- When I worked at REI I scored an AWESOME Mavic R-SYS wheelset for a ridiculous price. These really nice wheels felt above my talent, so I had been planning on selling them for a profit. Long story short, front wheel recalled, not selling for what I wanted, and almost 1 year later...I decide "HELL! If an Ironman isn't worthy cause to use them I don't know what is! I'll just have to sell them used (if I dont' fall in love and decide to keep them)." So, they're on the bike! They are light! They look fast! Lets take them out!!! I think it was kind of nice to have a solo workout planned for the inaugural ride. I was going to do a brick, trying to be close to race pace/effort. I rode Calaveras (which is a over 1 hr of climbing, nothing over 7% grade, but climbing the whole time) which is 40miles with 3200ft elev, and avg 16.8mph! Very happy with that, and loved the wheels (felt confident like Dumbo with his feather). Changed into running shoes and went. Now, I could tell that I pushed it on the bike (same way I would push it for 112miles) and it took the normal 1.5-2miles for my legs to feel "good." But they worked and I ran 5 miles @ 8:53 pace! I finished the brick feeling very confident about my paces, efforts, etc.

Saturday - I coached a very fun, and very long swim meet. It was the 10&Under Championships! Only swimmers under the age of 10, with a qualifying time compete. So, basically my 10 yr olds walk around as the "big kids" feeling super badass about themselves...LOVE IT! :) Its long b/c its only a 1 day meet (which I will take over 2 days!). My kids did great, they are so cute, I made them "team" water bottles. I was in bed by 8:30pm. :)

Sunday - Met Ernest at 5:50am for a 18mile run. About 1/2mile in Ernest's injury flairs up and he has to bail on me! GREAT - 17.5miles alone. I told myself to get over it and not cheat...and I did the whole thing! LONGEST RUN IN MY LIFE! :) I'm going to analyze it a bit (feedback from my experienced runners welcome). First, I woke up EARLY enough to have some coffee so I could "clear" my system. But literally barely made it to a corner Starbucks to poo 1.5miles into the run! And then again had to run into a Peets at about 8 miles! So...good that I'm regular, bad that its an issue. Second, I think I'm going to have to take in more calories. I took 1 shot block every 2 miles (3 shots = 100 cal), I took a roctane gu at mile 9 (half way), and had my bottle of gatorade endurance (not my fav, but what will be on IM CDA course). So, I had 400 cals of gu/blocks + whatever was in my bottle (I didn't measure...maybe 150 cals?). Third, lets look at some interesting pace/speeds: on the way out I avg 9:05/mi (with some warmup thats fine/great) with an avg speed of 6.6mph and max of 10.5 (thats a big range!! settle into a pace Lisa!). On the way back I avg 8:52/mi (I really like to negative split) and avg speed was 6.8mph and max of 8.1mph (I doubt I could make it to 10.5mph!). Fourth, lets look with heartrates. I think this is my biggest concern. On the way out my avg heartrate was 155bpm with max of 167bpm (good - nice range). On the way back my avg HR was 165bpm (wow - thats on high end of first 9miles) and max hr of 173mph. Interesting. So totals for run...18 miles, 2hrs 40mins, avg hr: 160bpm, avg pace: 8:59/mi. HAPPY...and happy its done! ;)

Weekly Totals

time: 17 hrs 45 mins
ytd time: 504 hrs 15 mins

time: 3 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 176 hrs 30 mins
distance: 9,000 yds
ytd distance: 795,000 yds

time: 6 hrs 5 mins
ytd time: 199 hrs 55 mins (OH! SO CLOSE!)
distance: 100 mi
ytd distance: 2,835 mi

time: 6 hrs 10 mins (take that biking!)
ytd time: 95 hrs 40 mins
distance: 40 mi (holy cow! isn't that what people training for marathons do?!)
ytd distance: 564.35 mi

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pacific Masters Short Course Masters Race Report

What a GREAT weekend! We were very blessed with great weather (mid 70s) and great fun. I am so very happy to have a great team to train with, race with, and play with - I LOVE THEM! GO TVM! :)

So, here's the low-down....

1650 Free - I am fortunate enough to train with Karin LaBerge on TVM. Karin is a 1980 Olympian, yet you will remember that is the year we did not compete. Karin was also a Pro-Triathlete with several Kona competitions. Needless to say, she is FABULOUS athlete and I LOVE (and respect) her. We entered the same time for the 1650 on purpose so we could be in the same heat and pace each other. Well, I know she has more natural talent in the distance races, so made sure she knew she could leave me at any point in the race. We were seated right next to each other, and it was great! Now, I do SWIM the 1650 each year, but only as a warm-up. So, this was the first time I "raced" the 1650 since college. WOW, I forgot how hard (and tiring) it was to RACE the 1650 (and felt it the rest of the weekend). I went a 18:48 - only 48 seconds off my lifetime best (in college). Team record.

800 Free Relay
- Was the immediately following the 1650. Our relay was me, Vicki, Denise, and Karin. I led off with a 2:02.6 and was very happy with that after the 1650.

400 IM - I did not swim :( The 400 IM did not start until 3:30pm and I had to coach at 3:45pm, so I had to leave. This would take me out of contender-ship for high point, but oh well.

My Mom - she swam the 200 Free. Took it out too fast, I think just because of lack of experience. She wanted to break 2:40 and went a 2:42, not bad. Team record.

500 Free - both me and my mom swam this event. I agreed to count for her (of course) and then warmup after counting. Cool story that before her heat, I cheer "GO MOM!" from the counting side of the pool and then look over to see my old teammate from UCD counting in the lane next to me. She says, "Thats your mom? I'm counting for MY MOM!" This is why I LOVE Masters, we were both so proud of our moms and TEAMMATES! My mom dropped 10 seconds, went 7:04, got 4th place, and a team record! My 500 was ok. I did not get a good enough warmup and within the first 200 I REALLY felt that 1650 in my legs, I was tired! Still a descent masters time for me, 5:25.

Mixed 200 Medley - Can I just say I love mixed relays!? I just thinks its so cool to be able to swim with the men! :) Our relay was stacked - me, Christy (also a former UCD swimmer), Adam, and Brian. Christy led off back with 30.6, Brian took the breast at 28.3, Adam dominated the fly with a 22.5, and I had an impressive free with 24.8! My best 50 relay split ever is a 24.2, so I'm thrilled with a 24.8. We got 4th place.

50 Fly
- I opted out of the 100 fly this year. I'm not a great fly sprinter, so I decided that I could get 4th place in the 100 fly or 4th place in the 50 fly. I opted for the "easier" event. I was happy with going 27.9, with a lot of underwater dolphin kicking.

Mixed 400 Free Relay
- On the same "stacked" relay with Christy, Adam, and Brian. This was SO FUN! Brian led off with a 48.2, I went next with a 54.0 (best relay split EVER is a 53.8), Christy went next with a 55.0 (a best time for her), and at this point we were in a SLIGHT second place. Adam went in and was able to catch the team ahead of us and swim a 46.3 and we win 1st place by .3!! What is even better is we found out that we broke the Pacific Record AND the National Record! We went a 3:23.6! I'm so proud of us - GO TVM!

My Mom - swam the 100 IM with a best time of 1:27.1 and a new team record! She was on the 200 free relay and split a 32. And she swam the 400 free relay and split 1:13.

100 Free - I'm so tired by the time Sunday comes around. Three days of racing, and racing HARD, is...HARD! Its a lot on your body, and it's survival mode. :) The 100 free was good, I went a 54.9! I think just being in the 54 is a great accomplishment nowadays. .5 off the team record.

200 Fly - I'm TIRED! My legs are TIRED, the 200 fly is HARD! Whine whine whine. Then I watch the first heat of 80+ yr olds doing the 200 fly! There was even a 93 yr old who came to the block in a WHEELCHAIR and raced. If they can do it - I can do it! (the old ladies is another reason I LOVE masters). Karin LaBerge was doing this too, and seated right next to me. I wasn't hoping for too much at this point, except to be within 5 seconds of a high school girl on the club team I coach(which would mean going a 2:15). Last year at Nationals in Clovis, I went a 2:12; but on fresh legs. Today I went a 2:16 and am satisfied with that time, especially when I had to start breathing every stroke lap 2 (thats always a sign of a tough race) ;) Team record.

Womens 200 Free Relay - This relay consisted of me, Christy (UCD swimmer), Karin (Olympian), and Denise (hot, buff mom of 2). Christy led off with a lifetime best time of 25.9, Denise went next with a 26.3, Karin came in with a 25.6, and I anchored with a 24.7. We came in first by .4 and I was very happy to be within .5 of a Stanford swimmer!! :)

Womens 400 Medley Relay - UGH - 400's are so hard! We debated with the coach on the many options we had on the ordering of this relay. We ended up with the same women as teh 200 free relay. Karin led off back with a 1:06.2, Christy did the breast in 1:10.9, I did the fly in 1:01.3 (this MAY be a lifetime best relay split, best flat start is definitely a 1:01), and Denise brought home the free in 57.3 (smokin for her). We dominated by 6 seconds for 1st place!

1000 Free - I'm tired, I'm done. I'm doing this as warmdown! Me and Karin LaBerge entered "sandbagger" times so we could be in an earlier heat, and be done to help clean up etc. I told Karin that I was not going to race it, and we both joked that if we could be anywhere near our 1000 split in the 1650 then we'd be happy. I had a VERY comfortable (and fun) 1000 free and went a 11:50.6 (my 1000 in the 1650 was 11:21...haha).

My mom - She swam the 100 free in 1:13.0 and set a team record. She swam 100 back in 1:29.4 and set a team record.

Here is a picture of our National Record Setting 400 Free Relay (Brian, Adam, Me, Christy)

This is TEAM PETERSEN/WHITE...my brother Adam, my mom, and me!

Here is the wheelchair of a 93 year old woman. How INSPIRATIONAL! I hope I'm alive and moving, let alone still COMPETING at 93!

And here is a picture with Hubby, who came but missed my last race! Haha. Oh well...he has to sit through my 10-17 hour Ironman soon, that'll make up for it! ;)

I am thrilled about the weekend! It was a great meet and we earned our beers at the post-meet dinner at the local micro brewery. Now, its time for a good night sleep and a long(ish) run tomorrow. Back to the tri training! :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Five Things..

1.) On Wednesday LAC (the kids USA Swim team I coach) had our first ever TALENT SHOW! Don't get me wrong, but I doubted on whether it would be a flop. I was the opener to break the ice and get the ball rolling. I did a magic trick....that was awesome! :) But then every act after me topped my performance!! THESE KIDS ARE AWESOME! From a 8 yr old dressed in drag, to a sister combo (ages 4 and 6) singing WHILE jumping on a pogo stick and hula hooping, to the big girls (high schoolers) video and hip hop dance routine... It really was a fun afternoon! It was great to see the kids have the confidence to go in front of parents, coaches, and peers and show us their stuff. It was great to see what else these kids are good at, having perspective about sport and talents is necessary! I can't wait until next year! :)

2.) I got a new book recommended to me from my M.A. Sport Psych friend. I can't wait to read it, especially since she thought it was the best book shes read! Its called The Man Watching by: Tim Crothers, the UNC soccer coach who was voted Top 25 coaches in 25 years! I'll do a review after I read it.

3.) Taper taper taper. Pacific Short Course Masters Championships start TODAY! I'm only tapering my swimming, which basically means I'm on a recovery week from the other 2 sports as well. I have become anxious (more than once) this week about missing some bike and run workouts, but I have to keep telling myself IT IS OK. You ask why?! Why is it ok when your "A" race is an ironman and not a pool swim meet?? Well, call it rationalizing but I am a swimmer first and foremost. My team is co-hosting the meet, and I am on the board; which therefore obligates me to be involved. And then most significantly, this may be the fastest I swim for the rest of my life. Depressing? No, I'm ok with it. I will be my fastest not that I am super well trained right now (I am in descent "masters" shape) but because US Masters can still wear "cheater" suits until June 1. The suits that all the 2008 Olympians wore, that are now banned in USA/Olympic competition have taken awhile to be banned from US Masters. I am one a huge supporter of banning these suits, because they are ridiculously fast in and of themselves (like putting a motor on a bike). But I got a suit (actually 2) for FREE! And by gone if I'm going to wear this ridiculously fast suit and feel fast!

4.) My pool events for this weekend:
100, 500, 1000, 1650 freestyle
50, 200 butterfly
400 IM

5.) One more thought about this swim meet this weekend. I am on a masters team with my big brother and my mother. Well, not that my big bro isn't an awesome swimmer (b/c he is) but my MOM is going to set a TON of records this weekend. She is in the 55-59 age group, and like most other sports (running or tris if you're more familiar) once you get to a certain age the competition just dwindles down. So, my awesome mother is RACING this weekend and I guarantee you she will set a team record in EVERYTHING she swims. I'm so proud of her. I'll give you her race report (written by yours truly) after the meet too!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


The head coach on the USA Swim Team I coach for shared this quote today and it really inspired me....

You came to see a race today. To see someone win. It happened to be me. But I want you to do more than just watch a race. I want you to take part in it. I want to compare faith to running in a race. It's hard. It requires concentration of will, energy of soul. You experience elation when the winner breaks the tape - especially if you've got a bet on it. But how long does that last? You go home. Maybe you're dinner's burnt. Maybe you haven't got a job. So who am I to say, "Believe, have faith," in the face of life's realities? I would like to give you something more permanent, but I can only point the way. I have no formula for winning the race. Everyone runs in her own way, or his own way. And where does the power come from, to see the race to its end? From within. - Eric Liddell (Chariots of Fire)

Eric Liddell was a talented, 1924 Olympic runner and a passionate Christian. He has a famous quote, "I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure." I've been thinking about this...

What can you say....

I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me _________ . And when I _____ I feel his pleasure.

I pray I can pursue his pleasure as I find purpose in him each day.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

4/5-4/11 Weekly Totals

Monday - I coached TVM at 11:30, so I did not swim. Nathan had the day off, so I chose to spend time with him. I did get in some good stretching and rolling.

Tuesday - REVERSE BRICK DAY! Went to FOMO track workout 6-7am. There was a new guy (which sadly I already forgot his name - he's above in the yellow...ignore the age difference) and we were about the same speed and ran together! Its nice to have someone to run with. The workout was 3x1mile descending 10k to 5k and then 1x800 all out. Our miles were: 7:45, 7:44 (we made it), and 7:30 (I don't know how we did that) and then our 800 pace was a 6:49. GREAT WORKOUT...total with warmup, warmdown, and recovery laps was 6 miles. Got home at 7:15am and had to be at Dana's at 7:45am to head out to Walnut Creek for a ride! Grabbed some coffee, food, and pumped up the tires and was off (and tired already). We met Margaret and Izzie at Heather Farms and did 3 Bears and Pig Farm Hill - total was 50 miles and about 4200ft elev. Great for a mid-week ride, especially on fatigued legs. (I was definitely the weak link on the ride) Oh yeah - and I got my 9TH FLAT!!!!! ARGH! Thats just ridiculous...maybe I should stop aiming for sharp objects in the road. Also, I hope a REVERSE brick has the same great training benefits as a normal brick. ;)

Wednesday - Izzie had a doctors appointment at 11:15am and I hadn't swam all week, so we decided to head up Diablo EARLY! We were riding by 8am. It was the windiest I've EVER experienced on Diablo, there were some gusts of winds that literally almost took me over. NO FUN! We took the descent slow, for safety. I got in to swim at TVM for lunch. A OLD swimmer from FAST (first club swim team I was on) showed up. Very small world, he's still in contact with my bro but I hadn't seen him since 2000. It was a sprint day, only got 3000yds.

Thursday - I had to coach LVTC masters (club where I work/coach) from 8:30-9:45am. I had woken up early Tuesday and Wednesday, so I didn't want to wake up early for a 6am run. I decided that I could get in my tempo run best after I coached that evening, b/c Nathan was going out to dinner with some friends. I swam with TVM at lunch for 4000yds. I started on the treadmill after coaching until 6:30pm and it was terribly DREADful! I did 1 mile and then went and lifted weights. Not happy with training day. Oh well.

Friday - I was anxious after my Thursdays workouts, needed to get in some good work in. BUT - I was having a guy come over and do a bike fitting. He had only specified that he'd text me in the "morning" to let me know when he was coming. What does MORNING mean!? How much time do I have to leave and train?! Grrrr....especially since he didn't come til 1pm. I sat on my trainer in the morning and rode for a good 1 hr. I hung outside with Josh, Kristi (neighbors), their girls, and the dogs (Tank and Titan are bffs). I got a bike fit, hopefully this will relieve some "butt" discomfort that I get on the run (but have felt while climbing on the bike). There was a FOMO group meeting to swim at Shadowcliffs (local "lake) at 6pm to get in an open water. Ernest (fellow IM CDA'r) was going, and since I didn't swim today (or enough this week in general) I thought it'd be good to pull out the good ol' wetsuit to give it a try. This kids I coach were on taper, so practice ended at 6pm and then I RUSHED over to Shadowcliffs, knowing I'd have to catch people. I was wearing a two piece under my clothes, so that helped with speed; though it was the first time I put on my tri wetsuit in 2+ yrs. HA! I caught the triathletes relatively easy....wetsuits are crazy. I swam a lot of butterfly, just b/c its awesome to float. We were only in for about 45mins-1hr.....so probably like 1.5miles with some playing around.

Saturday - Coached trials and finals at Far Westerns. I had brought running gear with hopeful expectations of myself.....but it was windy as hell and cold. So, I killed time in my car instead.

Sunday - Met Ernest and Izzie for a 6am run! Now, Friday at Shadowcliffs we confirmed with Ernest the run. He said 12 miles, I was thinking 15, he'd be ok with that too. I asked "How fast are you?" Ernest replies, "Oh, I'd probably be 8:50" Which is faster than what I'd do on a long run. He said he'd be fine running 9 min miles. I said that I would love the challenge if he was willing to either drag me along, or just leave me and run his own run. We started the run........definitely not at 9:00. Not at 8:50 either. On the way out we averaged 8:30!!!!! We decided for 12 miles, 6 out and 6 back. When we turned around we realized we would have a pretty significant headwind and the trail is an ever-so-slight incline. But very cool we averaged 8:40 on the way back!! A great PR for me. Though I am very worried about my butt/piriformis/sciatic....its just so tight and painful...its really the only thing holding me back from holding 8:40 for another 12 miles! Well, not completely true....my feet are getting pretty tender. I need to stop by FleetFeet and have them look at my shoes/gate/etc. Overall, I am VERY happy. I'm hoping Ernest will be ok with dragging me around more, he's an awesome guy. Took Tank on a walk with Kristi, Titan, and Elli. Went to church. Had lunch with the Craig's and had dinner with the Clubb's. (and stretched my butt)

Weekly Totals

time: 15 hrs 5 mins
ytd time: 466 hrs 30 mins

time: 3 hrs 45 mins
ytd time: 157 hrs 30 mins
distance: 9,000 yds - might be the lowest...ha! I'm racing a pool meet next weekend...I'm on taper! ;)
ytd distance: 759,500 yds

time: 6 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 191 hrs 35 mins
distance: 94 mi
ytd distance: 2,685 mi

time: 3 hrs
ytd time: 88 hrs 15 mins
distance: 19.25 mi
ytd distance: 516.25 mi

total miles trained for all 3 disciplines: 3,661.25 miles!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Weather was threatening. I had the whole day off. I decided to do a long run solo. I did a warmup (2mi) with Tank (my dog) and felt great! The route I was going to do was 18 miles, I drove it and dropped water off so I could have a refill. I had my ipod and went! I was feeling great, but my butt started to hurt at about mile 8, which usually doesn't hurt until about 11-12. I stopped at stretched and relieved the pain for a bit. After awhile it hurt so bad. I was keeping my HR down for an easy pace, but getting COLD! It was threatening to rain, and I was upset. I called Nathan (husband) at mile 15 to come save me. I COULD HAVE made it the rest of the 5 miles, but not without risk of injury. This was my first DNF and did not like to do that. This is the only frustrating thing thinking about my preparation for the Ironman......

After spending most of Monday night stretching I skipped the FOMO 6am track workout. I did get on my trainer (b/c it was raining) for 1.5hrs of a decent workout. I went to TVM Masters and floated a bit too for 3000yds. The coolest thing was Izzie was back from Haiti! She said it was a life-changing experience.

Me and Dana made our schedules open to be with Izzie. She had her surgery to get thyroid removed (cancer scare area) on Thursday and a pre-op appointment on Wednesday. We did get out for an easy ride of Calaveras. We wanted to hear all of Izzie's stories, and plus she had lost 12 lbs in her 10 days - so she was a little weak. But we still got in the Calaveras 40 mi. I stretched for a good 30 minutes today too.


I had scheduled to run with Dana, and needless to say we were confused on our meeting spot. She ran to my house, while I ran to her house - and the only way we missed each other was a small shortcut Dana decided to use. While I was running back home from Dana's (thinking she was a no-show) I saw a spandexed woman running in the distance. I am convinced that it's Dana and SPRINT after her. Its up some rolling hills and I was running a 7:30 (didn't skip the speed workout this week after all!)!!! I caught her and we ran 8 miles. I made it to TVM Masters just in time to realize it was DISTANCE DAY!! UGGH! I'm dead. I slide over to lane 2 so it was 2 in lane 1 and 2 in lane 2. I barely made the set. It was 1x800 + 4x200 @2:30 + 8x100 @1:15 (I couldn't do the 1:10). Total was 4300yds.

We found out Holly and Kevin were going to come stay with us Saturday night and for Easter Sunday! So, today I CLEANED! Like majorly cleaned the house! I even took 4 huge bags to goodwill! I did get in to swim with TVM - 4000yds.

The plan was meet in Pleasanton and head out Mines Rd. to the Junction and back, an 80mile loop. I met Ernest for the first time, he is a fellow IM CDA'er!! Dana and Alexia were there too, so us 3 girls and Ernest decide to split off from the group once we got to the start of Mines and ride hard. Well, that describes the ride....HARD! AND FAST! Alexia has gotten a lot faster than the last time I rode with her, shes going to be a great Ironman! I was pushing hard and we made it back to Pleasanton in record time. 80 miles with over 5000ft elevation and an avg speed of 16.7mph! THATS ONE HELL OF A RIDE!!

Me, Holly, and Kristi went up the Ridge for a hike with the 3 dogs at 7:30am Easter morning! It was a gorgeous 7+mile hike, and the dogs were exhausted! Perfect because it rained the rest of the day, and the poor dogs couldn't get in more play time. We went to church and had an awesome lunch at my moms with my family, my in-laws, and Holly and Kevin! LOVED IT!

Weekly Totals

time: 18 hrs 20 mins
ytd time: 451 hrs 25 mins

time: 4 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 153 hrs 45 mins
distance: 11,300 yds
ytd distance: 741,500 yds

time: 8 hrs 20 mins
ytd time: 185 hrs 5 mins
distance: 145 mi
ytd distance: 2,591 mi


time: 3 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 85 hrs 15 mins
distance: 22 mi
ytd distance: 497 mi

Friday, April 2, 2010

5 Things Friday...

1.) IZZIE - (my IM CDA partner) got a cancer scare close to a month ago now, its been pretty scary for her. My faith has kept me hopeful and knew my God could keep all tests benign. While going through this she decided to CARPE DIEM and head to Haiti with a crew from her Hospital in SF. She just got back Monday night, so Wednesday me, Izzie, and Dana went for a ride so she could tell us her stories. It was a great trip, a hard trip, and a life-changing trip. Overall, she said it put life in perspective. I know that God blesses you when you reach out to the "least of these" and choose to serve. This really helped her attitude b/c YESTERDAY she went in for surgery to get her thyroid (and mass located on thyroid) removed. I told her to have John (her hubby) email me so the masses wouldn't be worrying all day. Well, about 3pm I get an email....."BENIGN!" Praise God! Now, 2 weeks surgery recovery and she'll be back in the saddle again (and the pool and her running shoes!)!

2.) DNF'd - I went out Monday for a long run, of 20 miles. I did 2 miles warmup with Tank and felt great! I was by myself, with my ipod, and the weather was threatening to rain (but not going to bother me). Well, my butt (more like piriformis or sciatic) started to hurt a little too early in the run (usually its not a problem til 12 mi). I tried to push through the tightness, I stopped and stretched for about 2 minutes and that brought a little relief. Well, at mile 15 I was DONE! It hurt BAD! I was getting frustrated b/c I was running at a great pace with a low hr, but with my butt hurting my pace was easy and hr was so slow I was getting COLD! And, then I started to feel some rain drops. But I ONLY have 5 more miles! Well, if it was race day I know I could have finished, I would've ran in the pain. But, today I did not want to get injured. I called Nathan (my hubby), almost crying, to come pick me up. I was crying b/c I had to admit defeat in a DNF and I think as I'm getting closer to race day it was a doubt of "will you be able to finish?" I know I will....even if I have to walk.

3.) TITAN - is Tanks (my dog) bff. He lives across the street with our good friends, the Josh and Kristi. Josh and Kristi (and 2 daughters - 6 and 4) were looking for a family dog to own and loved Tanks disposition. They ended up getting a GREAT DANE! Tank is great dane and lab. Tank and Titan are so fun to watch. After school the girls get to play outside: riding bikes, chalk drawing, digging for worms... the usual. The dogs get to wrestle, chase, and play tug-o-war. And it always gives me and Kristi great socializing time too. Me and Nathan love Josh and Kristi and the relationship we have with them. And.....of course, we love bringing home a tired dog! ;)

4.) EASTER - I love easter for MANY reasons. Mostly b/c of exactly what it means for my faith....the celebration of my salvation in Jesus through his death! I am also very grateful that THIS easter Holly and Kevin are coming! Holly was my maid of honor and she and her bf now live in Davis, after finished grad school on the east coast. We had an impromptu conversation this week about what they were doing for easter, one thing led to another and they're coming Saturday night and going to spend Sunday with us! I'M SO EXCITED! I love them.

5.) RAIN - This is not really something I'm grateful for at this point! I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE! I thought I only needed short fingered gloves! ARGH! Thats it.......