Sunday, April 11, 2010

4/5-4/11 Weekly Totals

Monday - I coached TVM at 11:30, so I did not swim. Nathan had the day off, so I chose to spend time with him. I did get in some good stretching and rolling.

Tuesday - REVERSE BRICK DAY! Went to FOMO track workout 6-7am. There was a new guy (which sadly I already forgot his name - he's above in the yellow...ignore the age difference) and we were about the same speed and ran together! Its nice to have someone to run with. The workout was 3x1mile descending 10k to 5k and then 1x800 all out. Our miles were: 7:45, 7:44 (we made it), and 7:30 (I don't know how we did that) and then our 800 pace was a 6:49. GREAT with warmup, warmdown, and recovery laps was 6 miles. Got home at 7:15am and had to be at Dana's at 7:45am to head out to Walnut Creek for a ride! Grabbed some coffee, food, and pumped up the tires and was off (and tired already). We met Margaret and Izzie at Heather Farms and did 3 Bears and Pig Farm Hill - total was 50 miles and about 4200ft elev. Great for a mid-week ride, especially on fatigued legs. (I was definitely the weak link on the ride) Oh yeah - and I got my 9TH FLAT!!!!! ARGH! Thats just ridiculous...maybe I should stop aiming for sharp objects in the road. Also, I hope a REVERSE brick has the same great training benefits as a normal brick. ;)

Wednesday - Izzie had a doctors appointment at 11:15am and I hadn't swam all week, so we decided to head up Diablo EARLY! We were riding by 8am. It was the windiest I've EVER experienced on Diablo, there were some gusts of winds that literally almost took me over. NO FUN! We took the descent slow, for safety. I got in to swim at TVM for lunch. A OLD swimmer from FAST (first club swim team I was on) showed up. Very small world, he's still in contact with my bro but I hadn't seen him since 2000. It was a sprint day, only got 3000yds.

Thursday - I had to coach LVTC masters (club where I work/coach) from 8:30-9:45am. I had woken up early Tuesday and Wednesday, so I didn't want to wake up early for a 6am run. I decided that I could get in my tempo run best after I coached that evening, b/c Nathan was going out to dinner with some friends. I swam with TVM at lunch for 4000yds. I started on the treadmill after coaching until 6:30pm and it was terribly DREADful! I did 1 mile and then went and lifted weights. Not happy with training day. Oh well.

Friday - I was anxious after my Thursdays workouts, needed to get in some good work in. BUT - I was having a guy come over and do a bike fitting. He had only specified that he'd text me in the "morning" to let me know when he was coming. What does MORNING mean!? How much time do I have to leave and train?! Grrrr....especially since he didn't come til 1pm. I sat on my trainer in the morning and rode for a good 1 hr. I hung outside with Josh, Kristi (neighbors), their girls, and the dogs (Tank and Titan are bffs). I got a bike fit, hopefully this will relieve some "butt" discomfort that I get on the run (but have felt while climbing on the bike). There was a FOMO group meeting to swim at Shadowcliffs (local "lake) at 6pm to get in an open water. Ernest (fellow IM CDA'r) was going, and since I didn't swim today (or enough this week in general) I thought it'd be good to pull out the good ol' wetsuit to give it a try. This kids I coach were on taper, so practice ended at 6pm and then I RUSHED over to Shadowcliffs, knowing I'd have to catch people. I was wearing a two piece under my clothes, so that helped with speed; though it was the first time I put on my tri wetsuit in 2+ yrs. HA! I caught the triathletes relatively easy....wetsuits are crazy. I swam a lot of butterfly, just b/c its awesome to float. We were only in for about probably like 1.5miles with some playing around.

Saturday - Coached trials and finals at Far Westerns. I had brought running gear with hopeful expectations of myself.....but it was windy as hell and cold. So, I killed time in my car instead.

Sunday - Met Ernest and Izzie for a 6am run! Now, Friday at Shadowcliffs we confirmed with Ernest the run. He said 12 miles, I was thinking 15, he'd be ok with that too. I asked "How fast are you?" Ernest replies, "Oh, I'd probably be 8:50" Which is faster than what I'd do on a long run. He said he'd be fine running 9 min miles. I said that I would love the challenge if he was willing to either drag me along, or just leave me and run his own run. We started the run........definitely not at 9:00. Not at 8:50 either. On the way out we averaged 8:30!!!!! We decided for 12 miles, 6 out and 6 back. When we turned around we realized we would have a pretty significant headwind and the trail is an ever-so-slight incline. But very cool we averaged 8:40 on the way back!! A great PR for me. Though I am very worried about my butt/piriformis/sciatic....its just so tight and painful...its really the only thing holding me back from holding 8:40 for another 12 miles! Well, not completely feet are getting pretty tender. I need to stop by FleetFeet and have them look at my shoes/gate/etc. Overall, I am VERY happy. I'm hoping Ernest will be ok with dragging me around more, he's an awesome guy. Took Tank on a walk with Kristi, Titan, and Elli. Went to church. Had lunch with the Craig's and had dinner with the Clubb's. (and stretched my butt)

Weekly Totals

time: 15 hrs 5 mins
ytd time: 466 hrs 30 mins

time: 3 hrs 45 mins
ytd time: 157 hrs 30 mins
distance: 9,000 yds - might be the lowest...ha! I'm racing a pool meet next weekend...I'm on taper! ;)
ytd distance: 759,500 yds

time: 6 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 191 hrs 35 mins
distance: 94 mi
ytd distance: 2,685 mi

time: 3 hrs
ytd time: 88 hrs 15 mins
distance: 19.25 mi
ytd distance: 516.25 mi

total miles trained for all 3 disciplines: 3,661.25 miles!

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  1. Nice totals and I LOVE that 9000 is a taper. Yeah 20K weeks can do 'wonders' for the shoulders, bring on the meet.