Tuesday, April 27, 2010

DONE with being cold...

this is a guilty rant...

I am SO done with this wet and cold spring we are having! I want to be outside, warm, and excited. This wind and rain is ridiculous, and I'm sick of it! ARG!

I was supposed to meet Izzie at 7am for a ride... canceled - rained out.

So I sat on my trainer for 1.5hrs, I did squats, I did iso-squats.

I was supposed to swim.

I look outside hoping for a break in the rain so I can enjoy getting into a suit and jumping in the water. Nope. I REALLY don't want to drop my core body temp by getting naked on a pool deck.

So now I stayed home, ironed the hubbys shirt, and am now feeling guilty....

I'm going to go sit on my trainer again, and think of the wind through my hair!


  1. dude i hear ya...its been like 30s/40s here and rainy. what the heck!?

  2. Never feel guilty, it's been suckin out there! It's been warm enough but wind+rain=sucktacular!