Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Weather was threatening. I had the whole day off. I decided to do a long run solo. I did a warmup (2mi) with Tank (my dog) and felt great! The route I was going to do was 18 miles, I drove it and dropped water off so I could have a refill. I had my ipod and went! I was feeling great, but my butt started to hurt at about mile 8, which usually doesn't hurt until about 11-12. I stopped at stretched and relieved the pain for a bit. After awhile it hurt so bad. I was keeping my HR down for an easy pace, but getting COLD! It was threatening to rain, and I was upset. I called Nathan (husband) at mile 15 to come save me. I COULD HAVE made it the rest of the 5 miles, but not without risk of injury. This was my first DNF and did not like to do that. This is the only frustrating thing thinking about my preparation for the Ironman......

After spending most of Monday night stretching I skipped the FOMO 6am track workout. I did get on my trainer (b/c it was raining) for 1.5hrs of a decent workout. I went to TVM Masters and floated a bit too for 3000yds. The coolest thing was Izzie was back from Haiti! She said it was a life-changing experience.

Me and Dana made our schedules open to be with Izzie. She had her surgery to get thyroid removed (cancer scare area) on Thursday and a pre-op appointment on Wednesday. We did get out for an easy ride of Calaveras. We wanted to hear all of Izzie's stories, and plus she had lost 12 lbs in her 10 days - so she was a little weak. But we still got in the Calaveras 40 mi. I stretched for a good 30 minutes today too.


I had scheduled to run with Dana, and needless to say we were confused on our meeting spot. She ran to my house, while I ran to her house - and the only way we missed each other was a small shortcut Dana decided to use. While I was running back home from Dana's (thinking she was a no-show) I saw a spandexed woman running in the distance. I am convinced that it's Dana and SPRINT after her. Its up some rolling hills and I was running a 7:30 (didn't skip the speed workout this week after all!)!!! I caught her and we ran 8 miles. I made it to TVM Masters just in time to realize it was DISTANCE DAY!! UGGH! I'm dead. I slide over to lane 2 so it was 2 in lane 1 and 2 in lane 2. I barely made the set. It was 1x800 + 4x200 @2:30 + 8x100 @1:15 (I couldn't do the 1:10). Total was 4300yds.

We found out Holly and Kevin were going to come stay with us Saturday night and for Easter Sunday! So, today I CLEANED! Like majorly cleaned the house! I even took 4 huge bags to goodwill! I did get in to swim with TVM - 4000yds.

The plan was meet in Pleasanton and head out Mines Rd. to the Junction and back, an 80mile loop. I met Ernest for the first time, he is a fellow IM CDA'er!! Dana and Alexia were there too, so us 3 girls and Ernest decide to split off from the group once we got to the start of Mines and ride hard. Well, that describes the ride....HARD! AND FAST! Alexia has gotten a lot faster than the last time I rode with her, shes going to be a great Ironman! I was pushing hard and we made it back to Pleasanton in record time. 80 miles with over 5000ft elevation and an avg speed of 16.7mph! THATS ONE HELL OF A RIDE!!

Me, Holly, and Kristi went up the Ridge for a hike with the 3 dogs at 7:30am Easter morning! It was a gorgeous 7+mile hike, and the dogs were exhausted! Perfect because it rained the rest of the day, and the poor dogs couldn't get in more play time. We went to church and had an awesome lunch at my moms with my family, my in-laws, and Holly and Kevin! LOVED IT!

Weekly Totals

time: 18 hrs 20 mins
ytd time: 451 hrs 25 mins

time: 4 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 153 hrs 45 mins
distance: 11,300 yds
ytd distance: 741,500 yds

time: 8 hrs 20 mins
ytd time: 185 hrs 5 mins
distance: 145 mi
ytd distance: 2,591 mi


time: 3 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 85 hrs 15 mins
distance: 22 mi
ytd distance: 497 mi


  1. hey!! just saw your comment on my blog. looks like the cda training is coming along!! how are you feeling??

  2. hey! thanks for stopping by :) training is coming along fine. nervous about my run - with butt/piriformis tightening on long runs. any suggestions?