Monday, April 26, 2010

4/19-4/25 Weekly Totals..its a good week!

Monday - After a long weekend of swimming, needed to ramp up the other sports! Me and Izzie met up at 7am for a long(ish) run. Ran 12 miles @ 8:49 avg pace and avg 166 bpm. Great after I considered my body fried from the weekend. No swim workouts offered today, so I cleaned my house in the afternoon before coaching.

Tuesday - I told myself no matter how tired I am from swim meet, no matter how sore/fatigued I am from the 12 miles on Monday, I WILL go to FOMO track Tuesday @6am. Well, alarm went off and I can HEAR the WIND AND RAIN! Its nasty. So, I went back to bed. BUT - I did go and do the same track workout on a treadmill (I'm proud I did the whole thing on the stupid TM). Total of 5 miles. Went to swim with TVM at lunch. Now the pool people FORGOT to turn up the temperature of the pool after the swim meet! Racing temp is at 79 degrees and normal workout temp is around 80-81. So now after no heater since Sunday and now cold rain dumping into the pool the temp was 77! If I wanted a 77 temp water I would go to a lake. And its raining. And I'm already tired. Ugh, I get in anyways, feel like crap from the meet and running, but swim 3,000yds.

Wednesday - Dana was going to ride in Walnut Creek, I was skeptical about the weather and bailed. Luckily for me they rode 30mins before getting dumped on and coming home. I did a tempo bike ride on the trainer (exciting, I know). Went to swim with TVM, pool heater was turned on Tuesday but it takes awhile to affect a 50 meter pool. Pool temp was 78. I can still feel the swim meet in my shoulder and lats.....and motivation. It was a significant set, nothing TOO outrageous, but today it felt pretty tough. Cranked out the 4000yds.

Thursday - Weather was clear for the day, just high winds (my favorite while biking...hmph). Met Izzie early for a ride. We rode Del Valle, as just a foundation ride, that was nice for me. It has 2 good hills and we just did 35miles. Izzie made it a brick, my brick is tomorrow. Now the wind was COLD today, and working out (aka sweating) in the early AM just makes me cold and keeps me cold. I go to TVM lunch swim and am cold and MORE unmotivated than usual! Its distance day and more people than usual. I get in and KNOW I'm just wasting space that these other (motivated)men could actually use. So, I literally swim for 30 mins, do a 2000yd warmup and get out. Sorry coach - just not feelin it today, I'm going to go home and cuddle with my dog.

- When I worked at REI I scored an AWESOME Mavic R-SYS wheelset for a ridiculous price. These really nice wheels felt above my talent, so I had been planning on selling them for a profit. Long story short, front wheel recalled, not selling for what I wanted, and almost 1 year later...I decide "HELL! If an Ironman isn't worthy cause to use them I don't know what is! I'll just have to sell them used (if I dont' fall in love and decide to keep them)." So, they're on the bike! They are light! They look fast! Lets take them out!!! I think it was kind of nice to have a solo workout planned for the inaugural ride. I was going to do a brick, trying to be close to race pace/effort. I rode Calaveras (which is a over 1 hr of climbing, nothing over 7% grade, but climbing the whole time) which is 40miles with 3200ft elev, and avg 16.8mph! Very happy with that, and loved the wheels (felt confident like Dumbo with his feather). Changed into running shoes and went. Now, I could tell that I pushed it on the bike (same way I would push it for 112miles) and it took the normal 1.5-2miles for my legs to feel "good." But they worked and I ran 5 miles @ 8:53 pace! I finished the brick feeling very confident about my paces, efforts, etc.

Saturday - I coached a very fun, and very long swim meet. It was the 10&Under Championships! Only swimmers under the age of 10, with a qualifying time compete. So, basically my 10 yr olds walk around as the "big kids" feeling super badass about themselves...LOVE IT! :) Its long b/c its only a 1 day meet (which I will take over 2 days!). My kids did great, they are so cute, I made them "team" water bottles. I was in bed by 8:30pm. :)

Sunday - Met Ernest at 5:50am for a 18mile run. About 1/2mile in Ernest's injury flairs up and he has to bail on me! GREAT - 17.5miles alone. I told myself to get over it and not cheat...and I did the whole thing! LONGEST RUN IN MY LIFE! :) I'm going to analyze it a bit (feedback from my experienced runners welcome). First, I woke up EARLY enough to have some coffee so I could "clear" my system. But literally barely made it to a corner Starbucks to poo 1.5miles into the run! And then again had to run into a Peets at about 8 miles! So...good that I'm regular, bad that its an issue. Second, I think I'm going to have to take in more calories. I took 1 shot block every 2 miles (3 shots = 100 cal), I took a roctane gu at mile 9 (half way), and had my bottle of gatorade endurance (not my fav, but what will be on IM CDA course). So, I had 400 cals of gu/blocks + whatever was in my bottle (I didn't measure...maybe 150 cals?). Third, lets look at some interesting pace/speeds: on the way out I avg 9:05/mi (with some warmup thats fine/great) with an avg speed of 6.6mph and max of 10.5 (thats a big range!! settle into a pace Lisa!). On the way back I avg 8:52/mi (I really like to negative split) and avg speed was 6.8mph and max of 8.1mph (I doubt I could make it to 10.5mph!). Fourth, lets look with heartrates. I think this is my biggest concern. On the way out my avg heartrate was 155bpm with max of 167bpm (good - nice range). On the way back my avg HR was 165bpm (wow - thats on high end of first 9miles) and max hr of 173mph. Interesting. So totals for run...18 miles, 2hrs 40mins, avg hr: 160bpm, avg pace: 8:59/mi. HAPPY...and happy its done! ;)

Weekly Totals

time: 17 hrs 45 mins
ytd time: 504 hrs 15 mins

time: 3 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 176 hrs 30 mins
distance: 9,000 yds
ytd distance: 795,000 yds

time: 6 hrs 5 mins
ytd time: 199 hrs 55 mins (OH! SO CLOSE!)
distance: 100 mi
ytd distance: 2,835 mi

time: 6 hrs 10 mins (take that biking!)
ytd time: 95 hrs 40 mins
distance: 40 mi (holy cow! isn't that what people training for marathons do?!)
ytd distance: 564.35 mi

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  1. Nice totals! Way to bang out a tough week of training following that all weekend meet! :)