Friday, April 2, 2010

5 Things Friday...

1.) IZZIE - (my IM CDA partner) got a cancer scare close to a month ago now, its been pretty scary for her. My faith has kept me hopeful and knew my God could keep all tests benign. While going through this she decided to CARPE DIEM and head to Haiti with a crew from her Hospital in SF. She just got back Monday night, so Wednesday me, Izzie, and Dana went for a ride so she could tell us her stories. It was a great trip, a hard trip, and a life-changing trip. Overall, she said it put life in perspective. I know that God blesses you when you reach out to the "least of these" and choose to serve. This really helped her attitude b/c YESTERDAY she went in for surgery to get her thyroid (and mass located on thyroid) removed. I told her to have John (her hubby) email me so the masses wouldn't be worrying all day. Well, about 3pm I get an email....."BENIGN!" Praise God! Now, 2 weeks surgery recovery and she'll be back in the saddle again (and the pool and her running shoes!)!

2.) DNF'd - I went out Monday for a long run, of 20 miles. I did 2 miles warmup with Tank and felt great! I was by myself, with my ipod, and the weather was threatening to rain (but not going to bother me). Well, my butt (more like piriformis or sciatic) started to hurt a little too early in the run (usually its not a problem til 12 mi). I tried to push through the tightness, I stopped and stretched for about 2 minutes and that brought a little relief. Well, at mile 15 I was DONE! It hurt BAD! I was getting frustrated b/c I was running at a great pace with a low hr, but with my butt hurting my pace was easy and hr was so slow I was getting COLD! And, then I started to feel some rain drops. But I ONLY have 5 more miles! Well, if it was race day I know I could have finished, I would've ran in the pain. But, today I did not want to get injured. I called Nathan (my hubby), almost crying, to come pick me up. I was crying b/c I had to admit defeat in a DNF and I think as I'm getting closer to race day it was a doubt of "will you be able to finish?" I know I will....even if I have to walk.

3.) TITAN - is Tanks (my dog) bff. He lives across the street with our good friends, the Josh and Kristi. Josh and Kristi (and 2 daughters - 6 and 4) were looking for a family dog to own and loved Tanks disposition. They ended up getting a GREAT DANE! Tank is great dane and lab. Tank and Titan are so fun to watch. After school the girls get to play outside: riding bikes, chalk drawing, digging for worms... the usual. The dogs get to wrestle, chase, and play tug-o-war. And it always gives me and Kristi great socializing time too. Me and Nathan love Josh and Kristi and the relationship we have with them. And.....of course, we love bringing home a tired dog! ;)

4.) EASTER - I love easter for MANY reasons. Mostly b/c of exactly what it means for my faith....the celebration of my salvation in Jesus through his death! I am also very grateful that THIS easter Holly and Kevin are coming! Holly was my maid of honor and she and her bf now live in Davis, after finished grad school on the east coast. We had an impromptu conversation this week about what they were doing for easter, one thing led to another and they're coming Saturday night and going to spend Sunday with us! I'M SO EXCITED! I love them.

5.) RAIN - This is not really something I'm grateful for at this point! I THOUGHT WE WERE DONE! I thought I only needed short fingered gloves! ARGH! Thats it.......

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