Monday, February 22, 2010

a post with a picture?!

I know I'm not the most creative blogger when it comes to pictures. But this weekend was a USA swim meet called Zone 2 Pacific Champs. We live in the Pacific swimming region, and our zone that we fall in is Zone 2. So, this was a championship meet which was scored etc. The team that I have been coaching on for a little less than 1 year is a growing team. This was a "serious" meet for us - and it was SO FUN! The kids did great! I'm so proud of my little ones and their technique (I believe the best in the pool). The awesome thing is that with only 31 swimmers (some of the bigger teams had over 80) we got 6TH PLACE! THATS GREAT!!

I have a picture of most of us after our pre-meet stretching. Alex (the tall coach in the back) and his wife are expecting a baby that was due 4 days ago! HOW FUN!

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  1. Congratulations on the 6th place! You're such an awesome coach. ;)