Sunday, November 8, 2009


11/4 Wednesday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 5 -I'm tired!

I was going to get in my brick today, but I had to Tank out for some exercise. I wasn't going to have time to do a brick and swim. So, I just swam. I was tired and my butt hurt, so resting it was a smart idea too.

TVM Masters 11:30am-1pm

Good thing I only swam today! It was HARD! Me and Scott had a separate workout. We had to do 3x(1x300 pull @4:00 + 3x100 descend 1-3 @1:30 + 6x50 200 pace @1:00) The middle round I did IM and fly 50's. By the end I went 59 on my 100 free and :30 on the 50's.

total: 4500yds

11/5 Thursday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 3 on soreness 5 on fatigue

Since I didn't get in my brick Wednesday I needed to get it in today. But weird b/c Wednesday night NATHAN said he wanted to RUN IN THE MORNING!! How can I deny that?! So, I was going to run with him and count it towards my brick.

Run 7:30-8am

Nathan said he wanted to run for 30minutes. I was impressed he wanted to go that far. Well, 15 minutes out and we walked the whole way back! Haha.

total: 1.5miles

Brick 12-1:30pm

I did do my brick. I rode in Livermore and ran the backside of Shadowcliffs.

total: 20miles/2miles

LVTC Lap swim 2-2:30pm

Um, yes....good ol lap swim. Which means, sit in the hot tub, swim 1,000yds, and sit in the hot tub again.

total: 1000yds

11/6 Friday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 3

Funny and Izzie were planning a 4+ hr ride today. Except she finds out that she didn't have Friday out, but Thursday and had to WORK Friday. So, I spent the morning debating on whether I could do a 4+hr ride by myself and safely!

Cycle 12-1:30pm

I didn't ride by myself and Izzie said she could ride Saturday. So, canceled my trip up to Davis alumni meet. I did my interval work on the bike.

total: 20miles

11/7 Saturday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 2

Cycle 8-12pm

Me and Izzie got out on our long ride. It was cold in the beginning, didn't start taking nutrition early enough b/c drinking cold fluid didn't sound fun. We rode Calavares and to Sierra. It's been a LONG time since Sierra and some steep climbs. Oh what fun that head wind on the way back was! So fun, I miss long ride...I need more.

total: 50miles

Annnnnd was Erin's bday party that night. I was gonna go have pizza and a couple of beers.... until Daniel brought 10 yr old aged slovakian moonshine. Hm, needless to say it was some fun party night.

11/8 Sunday

hungover - NO WORKING OUT!

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  1. You're TOO funny (between the pic of Daniel and the pretty trees). Some day, not on my or your blog, you'll have to let me know where it is so I can yell when I ride by. ;)

    I still haven't even SEEN Sierra Road. Too scared, I think. LOL