Thursday, November 26, 2009

Week #11 : 11/16-11/22/09

Monday 11/16

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 1

Cycle 9-10:30am

Starting to get cold, even at 9am. Do I really have to pull out full fingered gloves?! How depressing to me. Me and Izzie rode Palomares. I did it at "high aerobic intensity" - though I don't think you can ride Palomares with anything but your at max HR! ha.

total: 23miles

TVM Swim 11:30-1pm

Nothing exciting. I realize saying this is not helpful to anyone - but after swimming for 21 years its more of like "been there done that."

total: 4,000yds

Tuesday 11/17

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 2

Run 9-10am

Met up with Mindy (Boston Marathoner) and Dana (frequent training partner - learn the name, you'll see it alot. 2 time IM CDA and is doing IM Canada this year). We ran from ClubSport. I think me and Mindy killed Dana with the pace, but I'm happy I'm getting faster! WOOHOO!

total: 6miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

I think I was "over it" in swim practice. Hung out on the pool deck and socialized for even longer today. It was a sprint day, and I just frankly did not want to sprint. So, I floated - going easy on sprint day is EASY - the intervals are so long, ;)

total: 3000yds

Wednesday 11/18

resting hr: 66
soreness/fatigue: 2

I wasn't feeling too good. I could feel my immune system breaking down. Now EVERY YEAR since probably 2001 I have been REALLY sick at Thanksgiving, so knowing this "fate" I listened to my body. I only swam today, and took a nap!

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

I think I was feeling sick too, b/c its getting colder out and then when I swim and don't get my HR up (aka Tuesdays slacker swim) I stay cold for 1.5hrs. Knowing I also had a BIG run tomorrow, I tried to get warm in pool and stay long.

total: 4,000yds

Thursday 11/19

resting hr: 66
soreness/fatigue: 2

Run 9am-12pm

The original plan was to have a large group go out for a 7mile run, and I was going to do the loop one more time by myself. Well, Mindy and Izzie had to work, Elaine has pulled calf muscle, Mandy had knee surgery. So, it was me and Dana - which was great b/c I went at Dana's pace for the 7miles, felt great. I had rocktape on my knees - that felt good especially b/c our run was on stupid cement and some asphalt. As we get back to the parking lot (before my 2nd loop) we run into Melinda, so we stop to chat with her............1 hr later I decided if I was going to run a 2nd loop and make it to work I better get going. I was supposed to go 2hrs 20mins, which I know is a lot for this point in the season - but running IS my weak leg! This was a good experiment and now I know that I CAN'T take 1 hr break and have motivation to run 7more! HAHA - I ran 4 more so at least I was over 10 and was fine with that.

total: 11miles

Friday 11/20

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 4 - mostly the JOINTS!

It was DANG cold and windy out! Again, feeling my immune system and knowing I had a BIG ride on Sunday I chose not to get in the pool, get wet hair, and cool off my core body temp etc.

Cycle 7:30-9:30pm

OMG almost 2 hrs on the trainer! Thats good for me, trainers still bore me. I did my interval work (12 x 1.5mins) b/c I think it is actually a good workout to do on a trainer.

total: who knows - lets say 25miles

Saturday 11/21

resting hr: 60
soreness/fatigue: 3

TVM Swim 8:30am-10am

Socialized on deck through the first warmup set. And then - "I have a monster ride tomorrow, I have a monster ride tomorrow, I have a monster ride tomorrow" Thats all I kept saying as we went through our MONSTER main set today. I don't think Loren realized HOW MANY yards you COULD get out of this set. The set was 2 repeats on each interval and then drop 10 seconds - you do however many yards you can on each interval. Interval started with 2:40 - so 2x200 @ 2:40, 2x200 @ 2:30, 2x175 @ 2:10, etc etc etc until we were down to 2x25 @ :20.

total: 4300yds

Brick 1-3pm

Yes, another workout before tomorrow. I needed it and so did Izzie. I did not push it though and just did it moderately.

total: 15mile bike + 3mile run

Sunday 11/22

resting hr: 66 - I think b/c waking up early and anxiety about ride
soreness/fatigue: 1-2ish - feeling good

Cycle 8am - 5pm

Del Puerto Canyon Century! Melinda organized a century. It was a route that 99% of us had never done - so being on new road excited everyone! There were literally I think 16 people at the start in Livermore at 8am. IT WAS COLD (42 degrees) - I even had a body warmer stuck on my back. We started up Mines Rd to the Junction (thats a little over 25 miles of 95% uphill). Mines to the Junction is a good ride in itself. At the Junction about half the group were going to turn around, and 8 of us continued on. I rode mostly with Dana (who by the way did the whole ride on a TT bike). You turn left at the Junction onto Del Puerto Canyon and its a 25 mile (mostly) descent into Patterson/I-5 HWY. We stopped and had a FOOT LONG Subway sandwich and then headed right back UP the same direction. I pulled ahead with the men and we climbed back up Del Puerto which at the top is about 2miles of 15% grade! HOLY CRAP - at mile 78 that is HARD! We get to the Junction to regroup, I see Melinda come in next...WHERE IS DANA?! Melinda said Dana had to get off and WALK - I've NEVER seen Dana do that, shes a strongass rider! At the Junction we knew we only had 2 more hard climbs and then it would be easy peasy back to the cars - but we were worried about making it back before dark and Dana was pretty close to bonking. I led the pace of the last 2 climbs (thank God they're done!) and then led a pace line back through Mines Rd. We got back to the cars as the sun set - I think just in time before we were all too nervous. It was a GREAT, HARD ride! I felt good and took care of nutrition well. Total of 7,200ft elevation gain. Where is my hot shower and beer?

total: 110miles

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