Friday, September 18, 2009


resting hr: 66

soreness/fatigue: 2

Cycle 9:45-11am

I got to ride with Erin today! Took her up Kilkare for the first time. It was already pretty hot outside, but Kilkare is always pretty and shaded well. She didn't get much recovery time before she went to TVM. Opps.

total: 17 miles

Run take #1 1pm

The schedule was to run 45 mins. That distance Tank can do and I like to include him! So, we tried. It was 98 degrees out and by 10 mins in I look behind me and Tank is seated underneath a tree protesting to go any further. I wasn't having much fun myself in the heat, so we turned around and walked back.

Run take #2 9-9:45pm

I'm proud I actually got out and ran! The weather was FINALLY cool enough. I ran with a headlamp, which was exciting. Stayed on the sidewalks so Nathan would not worry. It actually felt good, but my big toes hurt. Why?! Just the bottum of my big toes. Weird.

total: 5 miles

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