Monday, September 7, 2009


9/7/09 Bike 7-9:30am

Me and Izzie rode Calaveras this morning. It was beautiful at 7am - the sun on the water and in the trees. It was my FIRST time on the bike since the Death Ride (July 11); so even if it was just Calaveras, it was still hard! Instead of swimming, me and Nathan went to Raging Waters with the Bromleys and Craigs.

total: 38 miles
Me and Izzie met tonight and went over Karin and a books training to figure out how to change the 6 months to 9 months and dealing the schedules. We are ready and excited!
Me and Nathan had dinner at my parents with Ron and Lani. After talking about IM CDA - the 4 of them might be able to come too!! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Nathan would have more sherpa's and I would have more support!

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