Sunday, September 20, 2009


resting hr: 72

soreness/fatigue: 3/4 - could only majorily feel it on the bike this morning

Brick 6:45-8:45am

Well, we were going to start at 6:30am, but it was still dark and we didn't want to take lights. So, we started at 6:45am - sun juuuust coming lighting the sky. Jeremy wanted to get in 1 last ride before heading back to Davis, Izzie needed to make it back in time to swim, and I technically only needed to ride for 1 hour. Well, we were out for about 1.5 hrs. I made a transition VERY quickly b/c I was also short on time. Grabbed shoes and Tank and was off for a 20 min run. It was at "dog pace" which is fine, I just am happy that it seemed like a better transition for my legs than last time!

total: 24 mi/2mi

Then I headed out to LVTC where LAC was hosting a swim clinic with 3 Olympians. Saturday was Ben and Randal (not olympian - "just" world champion). It was awesome. Crazy that they are basically my age, but seem almost "larger than life." Sunday we will have Aaron and Josh, can't wait.

Saturday night we went to a housewarming party for Tim and Jamie Banks - very fun! Great house in Livermore! And awesome to hang out with the family friends 2 in 1 month! :)

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