Friday, September 4, 2009

9/3 & 9/4

9/3 TVM 11:30am-1pm

Boring practice.

total: 4000yds

TVMers went out to The Hopyard Thursday night to hang out and celebrate Loren's "change of career path." It was fun and nice to see everyone hang out socially and get a beer. Nathan got to meet Karin and Doug, and start to understand his IM CDA official sherpa job! ;)

9/4 Run 10:30-11:15am

Me and Tank ran to the pool. Tank was more tired than me which was a good sign! :) It was an easy run for being sick all week.

total: 4 miles

9/4 TVM 11:30am-1pm

Kelly tricked us on speed day today. She leads us up to believe we were doing a 1000yds for time. I was prepared thinking this would be a good base time to see how much I could improve (though oh boy it would've been hard).

total: 3500yds

9/4 Weights 4-5:30pm

After a private lesson I decided to try Karin's Ironman weight routine. It's good, but long. Granted this was my first time through, but it took at least 1hr20mins. Annnd, I think I'll be nice and sore tomorrow! ;)

total: complete routine 1hr20mins

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