Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekly totals


I had to coach TVM 5am and 11:30am. Nathan also had the day off, so I took a day off of training too.

Last weeks total:

total hrs trained: 15hrs 20mins
ytd time: 29hrs 40mins

Swim -
time: 6 hrs
distance: 16,500 yds
ytd time: 10hrs 30mins
ytd distance: 27,000 yds

Bike -
time: 5hrs 25mins
distance: 78 miles
ytd time: 11hrs 40mins
ytd distance: 192miles

Run -
time: 2hrs 55mins
distance: 17miles
ytd time: 5hrs 30mins
ytd distance: 32miles


  1. I hope the toe gets better. 15 hours sounds like a lot, especially this early in the IM training. You're gonna get way up there in the hours, aren't you? Wow!

  2. up to 22 i think. i haven't been over 20 hours since college!!! i have a couple a months before im there though - im assuming ill be well adapted.