Friday, September 25, 2009


resting hr: 66

soreness/fatigue: 4

Run 9:30-10:15am

We're trying to find and run on as much dirt as possible to be nicer to our joints. Izzie said she found a trail thats not incredibly hilly that goes around the golf course on Happy Valley. I actually found a review of it on yelp! (did you know you can review trails on yelp?!) The yelp review said there was a place to park, so off I went with Tank in the back. Well, I did not find a place to park and after making several loops I finally parked on a neighborhood street. The trail was great! It was hilly and of course the obstacles to avoid, so I was not very fast (though I don't ever really worry about speed and was able to run the whole thing). Tank was having a blast, until one point when the trail parallels the golf course and there are people in talking distance. Well, Tank was startled to hear/smell/see some other people and starts taking off after them, not obeying my calls (uh oh - big trouble). So, I'm imagining this scene from "Marley and Me" of this BIG, black dog running out of the bushes onto this pristine green golf course....with the owner running behind "NOOOOOOO!" haha! He said Hi to the golfers, they smiled and said Hi back - and we left! I was embarrassed. We turned around, I didn't do the complete workout b/c that flustered me, oh well at least I ran.

total: 4 miles

TVM Swim 11:30am -1pm

Todays set was relatively easy, which was great for me! Pretty empty at workout. I led lane 2, which was good b/c this set catered to the boys forte and they attacked the set and felt good about themselves in lane 1. They had a great set. It was 4 times through a 200 strong pull @ 2:45 + 4x50 recover @1:00. So, I pulled "strong" just not "fast" like the boys did. ha.

total: 3800yds

Weights 2:50-3:30pm

Aw, the great excuse of talking cutting a workout short! ;) I talked with Emily too long and could only go through the weight routine 1x15reps each. Which is great b/c the perceived pain is less and the ability to get super sore is less!

total: 1x15reps each exercise


  1. Trail running AND pictures? OMG girl, how awesome is that! What golf course was that by? Calippe? I wish I was there with you. Boomer would have loved playing/running with Tank. ;)

  2. haha. i took the pics for you! and YES calippe?! you know?? i thought it was just a random trail! :) tank would looove a running dog partner.

  3. I've golfed at Calippe and since golf usually bores me (don't tell my husband I said that), I end up looking around and I've noticed that trail. It looks great! I always say I'm going to go back but never do.
    And thanks for taking the pictures FOR ME! LOL