Sunday, September 27, 2009


resting hr: 72

soreness/fatigue: 6

Went to coach at a swim meet in Oakland today. Was there from 7am-3pm. It was a good first meet, early in the season for the kids. And again it was pretty warm. I needed to run today and was going to have to wait until the evening so it was cooler.

Run 8:10-9:50pm

YAY! I did it!!! 1 hr and 40 mins!! I really don't know if running can be/is supposed to be pain free?! Since it was at night I ran on popular roads with sidewalks to be safe and give Nathan some peace of mind. But thats a lot of pavement to run on; I found about 1 mile of dirt, and that felt SO much better. But really - is there a way to run on pavement without pain? On the other-hand, I was aerobically GREAT, it was an easy pace and could've gone more!!! It gave me good confidence that I'll be able to handle a marathon (aerobically). It did include a 5 min restroom stop to lose some weight. ;)

total: 10 miles

HALLELUJAH that week is done! Time for a RECOVERY WEEK!

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  1. The best way to run on streets is to literally run on streets. Get off the sidewalk. Run in the street, facing traffic. Concrete will wear your body out quick. Pavement is a bit better. And of course you already know dirt is the BEST. But, you have to do what you have to do to get your training in. Good job on the 10 miles. ;)