Sunday, September 27, 2009



resting hr: 66

soreness/fatigue: 8 - is the week over yet?

Cycle 7:30-11:15am

I joined up with Melinda and her ClupSport group. It was nice to ride with Melinda, had not talked to her since she did IM Lake Placid (oh yeah - shes about to do her 4th double century! and lots of advice)! They were going to ride from ClubSport to Calavares' Wall. I rode from home to ClubSport, just in case I needed to go for some extra to make 3.5hrs. It was a good group to ride with, all pretty strong cyclists that pushed me harder than I expected to go. It was over 90degrees by 10:30am and I easily went through 2 water bottles!! Once we got to Foothill I knew I'd be close to the scheduled time for the workout - it was hot and I was tired so it was close enough and I stopped as I passed by home! Ended up total ride time of 3 hr 15 mins - clllooooose enough if you ask me!

total: 50 miles

Run N/A

I was supposed to go on a 35 min "recovery" run. I still put quotations around recovery b/c running is never recovery enough. HA! Well, it was well over 100degrees and I deep cleaned the house all day because we were hosting a dinner. Too hot to run before dinner, and once our friends left it was way too late. So, no run today.

total: 0 miles

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  1. It was stinkin' hot yesterday. I don't blame you for not running. ;)