Thursday, September 10, 2009


We hung out at Drews last night, got home at about midnight. Needless to say, I fell riiight asleep.

resting hr: 72

soreness/fatigue: less sore but well fatigued, about 5

Cycle 8am-9:30am

We were supposed to do a 1 hr ride (ended up about 1.5hrs) with 6x(:20 intensity sprints + 2:00 active recovery). We rode out to the Tuscany loop as warm-up and then did the interval repeats along Tuscany. At first I thought 20secs was wimpy, but by #6 boy did it burn! Pushing 24mph.

total: 20 miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

Its been a LONG time since I've swam "hard" being this fatigued. The main set was 6x200 on 2:40 descend 1-3, 4-6 (goal given of: 2:20, 2:15, 2:10). Then 6x100 on 1:20 descend 1-3, 4-6.

total: 3500yds


  1. I'm learning your swim lingo. I think I have it mostly figured out, except the "descent" part. ;)

  2. example - today was 200's (8 laps) descend 1-3...which would mean #1 is set base time, #2 faster than #1, and #3 faster than #2. and then repeat same thing descend 4,5,6.

    you got it!! :)

  3. Doesn't "descend" mean "down" or "lower"?