Wednesday, September 30, 2009



resting hr: 66

soreness/fatigue: 4 -still too high for a recovery week!

Brick 8-10am

JoLynn came out to ride with us today! It was great to see her kick butt, in only TOE CLIPS! Wish we could've gave her better weather, but even with some cold wind and runny nose that didn't stop her! I have pictures - I'll post soon! Today was a brick - 1.5 hr bike + 30 min run. Seemed somewhat long for a "recovery" week brick. So when our ride only ended up being 1 hr, I didn't complain too much. The run was fine, I think I've really developed a pattern of the first 10 mins being the transition time. Hopefully doing more bricks will lesson this #, but its nice to know that after 10 mins its great.

total: 13mi + 3mi

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

Well, this practice did NOT fall into "recovery" either! Main set was 4x500 on 6:30!!!!!! UGH. Descend 1 to 4. I slid in the guppy lane b/c I KNEW the boys would go out too fast and die - and mess me up in the process. My pride is not hurt admiting that I cannot start with a 6:00 500 and descend from there - just not possible. So, in order to descend and not die - I did a 6:20, 6:10, 5:57, 5:47. I beat the boys on the last 1 (maybe 2). That hurt though - huge headache. I don't think I hydrated enough after the brick. We technically don't have a swim workout after a brick - but I can't fit in a swim on the weekend.

total: 4100yds

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  1. Thanks again for letting me tag along yesterday. I enjoyed meeting your friend Izzie (sp) and seeing you again. I hope I will be invited another time.
    BTW - I saw your water bottle was full at the end of our ride so perhaps that's why you got the headache? I'm just sayin'. LOL