Thursday, October 29, 2009

10/26, 10/27, 10/28, 10/29

OOPPS! Haven't update this all week!! Well, this week is a RECOVERY WEEK - YAY!

10/26 Monday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 1

Cycle 8:30-10:30am

Me, Izzie, and JoLynn rode Calavares from the nurseries. It was a gorgeous day. JoLynn dominated on her first time on Calavares, she is a NATURAL on the descents! Also, JoLynn said we can hop a fence to go for a run up there; so if we get caught we'll know who to blame! ;)

total: 28miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

Monday Monday Monday. Pretty noneventful, long but not hard - but its starting to get COLD out!

total: 4200yds

10/27 Tuesday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 1

Run 9:20-10:10am

Me, Izzie, and Tank went to the Ironhorse Trail and did our Fartleks! I felt good...even on the asphalt! Tank was POOPED OUT by the end - I love having a dead dog at home! :)

total: 4.5miles

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

It is COLD AND WINDY! Hardly anyone at swimming today. I was the only "lane 1" person, so Shannon slid over. It was a nice, easy set for me as lane 1 & 2 did the same interval. I'm ALL OK with that on a recovery week.

total: 3800yds

10/28 Wednesday

resting hr: 54

soreness/fatigue: 2

Coaching last night was rough. I had a major runny nose and was chilled to the bone from the wind! When I woke up on Wednesday I didn't feel 100%. I decided that distance day at TVM + a 1hr run would only break down my immune system. So, instead me and Tank took a 3 HOUR NAP! IT WAS AMAZING! :)

total: nada (dog walk)

10/29 Thursday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 1

Cycle 9-10:30am

Me and Izzie did hill repeats at Tuscany. I had 1minute repeats, Izzie had 1:30. I was able to get farther than the last time I did 1min so I was HAPPY! Hill repeats are still tough, but excited that it'll make us stronger!

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

So, distance day at TVM yesterday was 4x1000's. Big suprise that not a lot of people came today!! haha. It was empty, and those of us that were there slacked off before getting in. Once we got in it was a good practice. I felt good.

total: 3600yds

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  1. You can call me from jail, I'll bail you out. HA!
    Your compliments are much too kind.

    Your blog is not showing on my google reader as new posts. I had to go directly to your blog, just to see if you were still keeping it up. Strange.