Monday, October 5, 2009

Fri, Sat, & Sun

Friday 10/2/09

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 3

I played "catch-up" on some chores and errands today. I saved my workouts till later in the day.

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

total: 4000 yds

I was supposed to run 40 mins and was going to try to get in done in Livermore on some of the dirt trails

Run 2:45-3:15pm

I didn't make it 40 mins due to time and heat (and lets be honest...laziness). But it was something to make me sweat.

total: 3 miles

Saturday 10/3/09 and Sunday 10/4/09

Friday night me, Adam, and Nathan headed up to Kirkwood for the families "work weekend." I still needed to do a 1hr 10min run, so I brought my shorts and shoes and thought I could squeeze in a run Sunday before we came home. Well, when we woke up Sunday morning there was 6 inches of SNOW!!! Needless to say, I did NOT run. And then we had Jenn Nelson's wedding Sunday night...IT WAS A BLAST! So, I did not run very much all week, but this is why we're doing this over 9 months.

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  1. Yup, you do need to learn to like running one of these days. ;)