Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jan Frydendahl

Let me introduce you to Jan Fry.

He is a rough and tough guy...he "teaches" Ohlones weight lifting PE class and lifts weights for 4 hours twice a week.

He was my first club swim coach...starting me lifting weights, swimming fast, and beating us up.

He was the MSJ Varsity swim coach...he let us play "animal ball" every Friday and when he joined us in the pool for a workout - watch out!

He was my AP Stats teacher...he has his PhD in Math and head of Math Dept at MSJ.

He is close to my whole family...has come up to our family cabin etc with his wife.

We have stayed close through the years (with his wife too) and have many weight lifting sessions, surf trips, climbing gyms trips, and the ocassional wrestling session.

For the past several years he has been telling me that my DENSITY (not destiny) is for open water marathon swimming! He is the only male that can infer that being "dense" is a compliment! ;) Whenever I see him he says I need to start training for some 5k's, 10k's, Marathon, and the English Channel (and he'd even captain the boat!).

Well, I get an email from him last night. I'll post it and my reply:

Hi Lisa,
Tony Delumen called me last week and he lives in Livermore and wanted me to help him prepare to swim the English Channel. I said I would contact you so you guys can start training together.I have some ideas on how to train. Together we can develop a plan.
You cannot escape your density Lisa.
do the research and get you guys started on the training.
Opinion? Jan :-)
haha....persistent old man!
Ok, here are my thoughts:
1.) Ironman right now is my priority. I already signed up/paid the $500 damn entry fee, have a training partner, and a training plan. Its June 27, 2010 in Ceour d'Alene, Idaho. The swim is in a lake that we will wear wetsuits, though I'm not making it a priority to get open water training in. The hassle of it doesn't have a huge positive affect, I'm satisfied with my (lake) open water capabilities. So, I doubt you can overlap the channel and IM.
2.) I'm in to do some research about the English Channel swim. I really don't know much. I'd like to know.. a good training plan (avg hours trained, pool vs ocean, ocean boat for training, avg months/years to train, etc) and research about total costs (training, traveling, hiring boat/capt in England/France, etc) I can't commit until I know these things....how itll affect me, my kissy face husband and dog, and our bank account.
3.) If you want to make it a team, and get paid as a coach or something... I might have 2 others that would be crazy enough to do it too. If not them, I'll still get crap from my masters team..haha.
Let me know you Instigator!
So, we will see what happens! The English Channel still seems even some crazy for me!!! But, if there are people to train with....who knows - to accomplish that would be amazing!

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  1. Wow!
    Today would be a good training day for that, with this stupid rain.