Monday, October 19, 2009

10/17 & 10/18

10/17 Saturday

resting hr: 66

soreness/fatigue: 7

Run 7:40-8:30am

Me and Tank braved the Pleasanton Ridge this morning! It was gorgeous and pretty fun. It still is really hard to run the whole way up though - I had to walk a bit. Slow run up - fast run down. Wish we had more time do run the trails that go along the top, but we had to get home to go to a Habitat for Humanity brunch in Lafayette at 10am.

total: I'm sure it was like 3miles or something

The rest of Saturday consisted of Habitat brunch, Lynee's baby shower, and Ron's birthday party! Phew - thats more tiring than a run anyday!

10/18 Sunday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 5

Run 9:20-10am

Me and Tank ran the Bernal footpath long enough to make up little parts of runs I skipped all week. Ironically, I felt best on this run all week!! Tank was pooped out.

total: 4miles

Went to church for the first time in October - working too much!

Cycle 2-4pm

Did hill repeats with Izzie. I had to do 11x1.5mins @ VO2Max. It was rough!

total: 22miles

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