Tuesday, October 6, 2009


resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 2

Cycle 8:30-12pm

Me, Izzie, Dana and Terri rode Morgan Territory today! It is Izzies nemisis. It is a tough ride. It has 6 county lines to race. It is gorgeous. These are GREAT athletes to ride with and are all very fun. I hadn't seen Terri in a couple of months, so it was nice to catch up. I was supposed to do a 4hr ride, but even after riding all the way home I was only at 3 hrs. But it was a HARD 3 hrs, so I stopped.

total: 40miles

Run 7:15-7:45pm

Was supposed to do a 35min "recovery run." I had to drop of my moms car, so I took Tank and was gonna run from their house 35 mins somewhere. Ran in 12 Oaks for 15 mins so Tank could be off leash. Then ran around some local neighborhoods. I was making 1 last loop and totally tripped and fell. I scraped my knee :( So, with that....I headed home 5 mins early.

total: assuming 3 miles

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