Wednesday, October 21, 2009

10/19 & 10/20

10/19 Monday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 1

I was going to take the WHOLE day off from training (which I was pretty excited about) and clean my house/catch up on life. But - looking at my week of workouts, I knew I'd have trouble squeezing in 4 swims.

TVM Masters 11:30am -1pm

So, I went to swim practice. I was not motivated though. AND - when I started warmup my right arm had some shooting numbness, so pinched nerve somewhere. So, needless to say with a boring 2400yard main set - I went easy and technique oriented. I even got out 10 mins early, b/c I was bored and just "done." I think since it was my "day off" it somehow gave me more warrant to.

total: 3500yds

10/20 Tuesday

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 1

Cycle 8:30am-1pm

Me, Dana, and Terri were trying to meet up and get in a long ride together. Terri had an appointment she was "trying" to move. No one had a preference about where to ride this long ride. We ended up staying local so Terri could get back for her appointment. We rode Calavares and came back the Foothill route. I needed to get in 4 hrs and that was not going to cut it. So, me and Dana continued on and did the Dublin grade and then back home. It was a 3hr 56mins and that was close enough to call 4 hours! Terri and Dana are studs....on Sunday Terri ran the Nike womens half marathon and Dana did a 20 mile run! Hardcore ladies.

total: 60miles

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