Friday, October 9, 2009

10/7 & 10/8

10/7 Wednesday

resting hr: 60 - I think I have leveled off at 60

soreness/fatigue: 3

Today was a bit of a hectic day. I couldn't get my first workout in in the morning b/c we had to pick up the Subaru at 9am. I took Tank for a short walk, but I knew that wasn't going to be enough for him all day either! Driving into Fremont at 8:30am/9am has some traffic, so I got back to Pleasanton, ready to start my day a little later than had hoped. Oh well.

Brick 10:30am-12:30pm

I think stressing about the 2 workouts, the dogs exercise, the car, and not being home this night just got me in a funk. I rode the Dublin Grade and finally got over my pitty party and started to "workout" about half way through the ride. My run was gonna be on the footpath on Bernal and only had to be 30 mins. After doing the bricks for a couple of weeks now, I think it is best that I always use the bathroom before running. :) Since there was no bathroom I made a stop in the trees about half way.

total: 18miles/3miles

LVTC lap swim 1:45-2:45pm

With my hectic day and trying to fit in workouts, I was upset that I couldn't fit in my swim with TVM. I took Tank to a quick dogpark visit (in my spandex) and then headed out to LVTC. I swam by myself (which therefore, lazy lap swimmer) and of course got bored pretty quickly and got out in time for my meeting with Alex.

total: 3000 yds

After coaching I went into Fremont for Bryan Allen's going away party at CityBeach! BEST PART OF MY DAY! Since I quit REI about 1 month ago it was GREAT to see some REI friends (and Mike and BV too)! ;)

Thursday 10/8

resting hr: 60

soreness/fatigue: 2

Run 9:30am-noon

Dana (super Forward Motion lady, 2 time IM CDA finisher, IM Canada 2010) was doing a long run on Thursday and invited me along. I was a little nervous running a long run with people b/c I don't want to hold them up. She assured me it was a slow pace trail run with, of course, some sight seeing along the way. We drove out to Sports Basement in Walnut Creek, met her 2 friends and headed out to Shell Ridge Regional Park. We were going for 10 miles and I must admit it was a LOVELY SLOW pace (I even led the pack!)! We walked when we saw some wildlife (tarantula, snake, and hikers PUPPIES!) and only walked the tops of a couple of hills. It was a GREAT way to put in 10 miles! It wasn't hard at all! We then went to Sports Basement b/c one of the ladies had coupons....bought some nutrition and CO2 cartridges. Then the lady (I'm blanking on her name) had coupons for Peets Coffee right next door, so we went and grabbed some pumpkin lattes and sat and chatted for about 1 hour. By the time I got home I showered, took Tank to the dogpark, and headed to work.

total: 10miles


  1. I totally forgot about Bryan's get together at City Beach. I was more focused on the cake they were going to have for him on Thursday. Go figure!! Sorry I missed you there.

  2. thats ok! i bragged about how good of cyclist you are...and how don seto just has to convince you to put on some clipins ;) and ryan edgely will install! :)