Friday, October 23, 2009

10/21 & 10/22

10/21 Wednesday

resting hr: 54 (wow!)

soreness/fatigue: 4 - I did not do my nutrition too wisely on the long ride, and I think that is why I'm not fully recovered.

TVM Swim 11:30am-1pm

Me and JoLynn were going to ride Calavares this morning, but Jacob needed his #1 at REI this morning. So, I ran errands in the morning with Tank b/c it was an overcast morning! I made it swim practice, barely remembering it is distance day. Last Wednesday took me 4 days to recover from; so, I was a little concerned. More concerned when Scott, my brother, and me were lane 1. Scott can totally kick both me and Adam's butts, my plan was to hold on. Main set was: 2x800, 2x600, 2x400 - all on 1:20 base and second one for time. I did it at my own pace and was fine (even passed Adam on the 400). Still a hard set and I'm tired!

total: 4500yds

Recovery run 2-2:35pm

I was supposed to do a recovery run yesterday after the long ride. Well, I didn't want to go out at night so I saved it for today. I went to LVTC straight from TVM, no lunch or bar or anything (not too smart). I ran on the treadmill, b/c I wanted to see if I could handle running on a treadmill (practice for winter) and at least today was only 35mins. It was INCREDIBLY BORING! And I don't like people listening to me stomp on a treadmill. But whatever - I did it!

total: 3miles

Bike Trainer 8-9pm

I did get on my trainer tonight. Figured I needed to get a foundation ride in, nothing special. But, like a treadmill, trainers are INCREDIBLY BORING (especially if you don't have a workout your doing with it). I lasted 1 hour before I got off, used the trainer as a bike stand, and cleaned up my bike.

total: lets say - 15miles

10/22 Thursday

resting hr: 60 (couldn't hold that 54 I guess)

soreness/fatigue: 3

Long Run 9:50am - 12:10pm

Went out to Walnut Creek, Shell Ridge with Izzie, Dana, Elaine, and Harold. Dana and Elaine were going to do 10miles, and was trying to convince Harold to stay out for all of that too. I needed to increase my running, so I was going to go another 10mins past the 5mile mark and assume that'd be 6miles (for total of 12). I was planning on running faster than the group in hopes to turn around and catch them on the way back. Izzie is an animal and forgets her hip is not doing too well and went out fast. So, we're running together and the rest are behind us. Izzie tears up the uphills and slowly and surely I find my stride and negative split. At the 5 mile mark Izzie says she'll go another 5mins (of my 10mins) past and then turn around. When I finally turn around, she is still standing on the trail. She didn't know which way to go! haha. Its gorgeous to run out there, way better than the road. If I have to do 12 miles, thats how I like it. It was tough, I am sore. Izzie I think is actually injured but too stubborn to go get herself checked out, b/c they'll just say to "stop running."

total: 12miles

LVTC lap swim 2:30-3pm

I went straight to LVTC so I could get in a recovery swim. Was planning for a 1 hour swim, but then ended up going into the hot tub I ever have to come out?! It was so nice! Finally got in and was tired, hurting, and bored. I did 2000yds and went back to the hot tub before showering.

total: 2000 yds

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