Monday, March 1, 2010

weekly totals

Monday 2/22
TVM Masters - 4000yds
Cycle - Palomares "cock ride" - seeing a peacock and horse errection - 40mi

Tuesday 2/23
TVM Masters - Main set: 30x100 @ 1:15 - 4600yds

Wednesday 2/24
Trainer Ride - Spinnervals "Bending Crank Arms"
TVM Masters - 4x50 + 1x100 + 4x100 + 1x200 (descending from :45 base to a :35 base) - 4500yds

Thursday 2/25
Tempo Run - Ran with Mindy the reverse hill loop. Chased another lady down on the path. - 9 miles @ 8:30/mi
TVM Masters - 4200yds
Stretch - 30-45mins

Friday 2/26
TVM Masters - Speed work - 3500yds
Genii (my boss' wife) went into LABOR!

Saturday 2/27
Coached LAC practice. Isaiah River Silver born 5:02am 7lbs 7oz and 20inches
Run - by myself - 6.2mi @ 9:21/mi

Sunday 2/28

Cycle - Del Puerto Century with Dana and Izzie. I'll have pics to come later. We always have a good time. Only 1 flat (and it was mine). Perfect weather. 8,000ft elev gain and 110miles. AND 8,855 Calories burned (according to my garmin) WOOHOO! In-N-Out sure tasted great Sunday night.

Weekly Totals
time: 22hrs 50mins
ytd time: 371hrs 53mins
ytd distance: 2,943.3mi

time: 7hrs 30mins
ytd time: 126hrs 45mins
distance: 20,800yds
ytd distance: 672,000yds (407mi)

time: 11hrs 35mins
ytd time: 153hrs 15mins
distance: 170mi
ytd distance: 2,131.5mi

time: 2hrs 15mins
ytd time: 69hrs 43mins
distance: 15.2mi
ytd distance: 404.8mi

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