Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I am constantly humbled in this world. How can you not look at the massive ocean or the endless night sky and be reminded just how small we are?! Well, I've decided to run Forward Motions Tuesday AM Track workout, and it is another lesson in humility. Don't get me wrong, its been cool to be there. I had a conversation with a friend about the olympics and how no matter what sport it is I LOVE watching well-trained athletes doing something they're passionate at. Well, the FMRC (Forward Motion Race Club) runners are just that! They are BEAUTIFUL runners, fast, trained, and passionate about it. So, for me, I stick to lane #3 to make sure they have room to pass me and lap me, and I am ok with that. How can I not be when I'm running the fastest I ever have in my life?!

Yesterday morning the main set was 3x1mi runs at "slightly slower than 10k pace." I don't have a 10k pace, but relating it to swimming (b/c thats all my frame of reference) I'd say a 5k is like 100 pace, 10k like a 200 pace, half-marathon like a 500 pace, and marathon like a 1000 pace. So, off we go....or maybe I should say off THEY go! Well, I messed up my garmin tracking of this workout but my 1 mile efforts were definitely between 7:00-7:20! HOLY COW THATS FAST FOR ME!!!! I was happy, I was happy I could run that after riding 110 miles 2 days before too. But, of course, humbled by the fact that I still got lapped. Wow, these people are rock-stars.

The woman who leads the workout took a picture, symbolically I'm off to the side not quite like the rest of the group (yet).

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