Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Standing Tall

Its the title of a book recommended to me by a close friend in a masters program, emphasizing in Sport Psych. We talk a lot as athletes and coaches. I always love her recommending good books, articles, research, and tools that I can use as a coach, athlete, and person. "Standing Tall" by C. Vivian Stringer is an inspirational read. I was able to read it in about 30 hrs, and I don't consider myself a "reader".

Vivian Stringer is the womens basketball coach at Rutgers University, and the book follows her life as a coach, a woman of color, and a person. She has one of the best records in history of womens basketball. I connected a lot with the book, was touched by her strength through many life tragedies, and inspired by how she coached her girls. Life was not easy for her, and when faced with a hardship she relied on words from her father, "This may not be about you, or for you, but for those who will come after you. You must stand." The book is full of stories of athletes she has touched and who remain a big part of her life. She found talent in unusual places, and demanded that every girl on the court give her all. She tells her athletes, "You can look at your past and you can see it as a burden, keeping you down. Or you can draw strength from what has happened to you, and you can use that strength to make your own path." I want to use more of her philosophies when I coach, demand more out of my swimmers, and have parents know that I will help form their children into stronger leaders in the world.

If you are looking for a good read, I highly recommend this book.

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