Thursday, March 25, 2010

3 Things Thursday

I realized that I haven't posted me weekly totals from last week. Sorry. They weren't that exciting being gone for the weekend. I'm also realizing that this weekend I'm at a swim meet, and therefore no long rides. Bummer, life gets in the way sometimes.

But this post is about 3 things that are good, that I'm grateful for, that makes me happy....

1.) Swimming - This weeks swim practices have been relatively easy. I am most happy with how my (changing) tan lines are coming along! :) Maybe one day I'll wear a 2 piece to train in and really change my tan lines. On the serious note, I've swam 3 times already this week getting b/w 3500-4000 each time.

2.) Biking - My bike is having issues. It is very prone to flats (no, its not MY fault ;) ), and needs a tune-up. Luckily I have a neighbor that is a Category1 Cyclist. I just need to run into him and mention him taking a look at my bike, before I send it off to a bike shop for $100+ of work. I am grateful with all the flats that I have become a MASTER at changing flats.

3.) Running - I've ran twice this week already. Monday I ran to my masters swim practice (4mi), swam (3500yds), and ran home (4mi). I was happy to do this split run, b/c it gave me a chance to run on rested legs and fatigued legs. My avg pace headed there was 8:40/mi, which I'm happy with. And my avg pace coming home was 8:48/mi, which I'm also happy with. Tuesday I got up and ran the FOMO track workout. It was 2x(3x800) descending the 800's 1-3. The husband/wife duo that run the workout did not run this morning and instead called out splits/ was great!

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  1. If I were YOU, I would definitely wear a two-piece to practice. Heck ya I would! ;)