Friday, March 5, 2010

5 Things Friday

I am thankful for....

1.) THE POWER OF PRAYER - Izzie (the woman I'm doing IM CDA with and done many other adventures with) just found out she has a large nodule on her thyroid. I did my googling of this and found out that though most are benign, there is of course, some that are cancerous. She has it biopsyed on Monday. So, now I pray. And if you don't know me and prayer...its a whole other adventure! I will let you know her results.

2.) SPORT PSYCHOLOGY - Not, the general topic but applying it to my athletes. Anyone working with adolescents, or who have studied human development, know that kids are going through a lot mentally, physically, chemically, hormonally, and psychologically. I LOVE working on creating healthy, balanced, stable junior highers in sport! It's hard...its a challenge...but they deserve it. So, I am grateful for this passion, and also much research already done in the field of sport psych.

3.) SLEEP - I am so thankful for sleep. It is another thing I am passionate about. Ask my husband....don't bug me when I'm trying to go to sleep.

4.) SPRING BLOSSOMS - They are everywhere right now! Its gorgeous! I wish we'd have a little less rain so I could spend more time with them! They are fresh, new, and reminders that spring (and short fingered gloves, tshirts, and no toe covers) is coming!

5.) MY PARENTS - Me and Tank went up to their house yesterday to grab some things. I've come way past my adolescent rebellion, bitterness, identity crisis, and independentness to appreciate them a ton! They help me and my brother a lot, and are always supportive of our crazy life choices (like doing an ironman, adam climbing rocks, and even letting a big black dog walk around their nice house).

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