Thursday, March 11, 2010

3 Things Thursday..

I like to think about what has impacted my life lately. What has been a focus this week? What has really hit me in a personal, physical, or spiritual way?

1.) PHYSICAL - Running. Specifically track workout. I believe every triathlete favors their strong sport, not only to stay in great shape in that area but also because it is comfortable, gives them confidence, and is most likely fun. I definitely do that with swimming. But - my running volume NEEDS to be ramped up. I have given my piriformis some time to rest and now ready to go. For me, going to the FMRC track workout represents stepping outside my comfort zone. The track workout is definitely the "runners" of the club doing something they love and are good at. And in comparison to my weakest link, I'm using it as a challenge and learning experience. I LOVE IT!

2.) PERSONAL - Friendship. I've posted about Izzie (my Ironman training buddy) and how doctors have recently discovered a nodule on her thyroid. She had it biopsyed yesterday, so I don't know the results yet. Shes been freaked out all week, and laying low. And I love how when you're in a time of need real friends don't leave you completely alone. The pic is of Izzie and Dana on our 110mi Del Puerto never go out alone.

3.) SPIRITUAL - Who has a meeting with their boss and is asked, "What does God want you to do here? What has he made you passionate about?" God has really blessed me in my working situation with strong Christians who believe that we need to do all things to bring glory to God. For me, my overall passion is to connect with the kids, help them, love them, and mentor them in LIFE through the tool and skill of swimming - it is so nice to have a working environment where that is welcomed, sought out, and encouraged. I am very excited to see where God takes me and the team through sport and life development.

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