Thursday, March 18, 2010

100 DAYS!

100 DAYS! Wow. Thats still a significant amount of time, but I am sure it will FLY BY! I think thats good motivation to get back on some good ass-kickin' workouts! I've become pretty secure in what I can handle, but haven't had any super challenging training moments. (more of, "I've done this before" moments lately).

In honor of being grateful of 3 things on Thursday......This week is dedicated to: DAYLIGHT SAVINGS!

1.) Switching suit = new tan lines! Time to switch to the "cut out" back swim suit to try to reduce major tanlines. However, there will still always remain the "normal" 365 day suit tan.

2.) SUN! Yesterday was the first time I rode in shorts, short sleeve jersey, and fingerless gloves! OMG! It was amazing. But I had forgot what heat felt like, and massively sweating. Time to pull out more water bottles.

3.) SUNGLASSES! I can wear my sunglasses until I finish coaching (6:30pm)! I love it. Its so much nicer finishing work in the daylight, makes me less tired. And plus now, the kids never really know where I'm looking (intimidation factor)!


And with that....we're off to the SNOW this weekend to celebrate Nathans birthday! :)


  1. Ooooooh, look how fancy your blog is getting with that big Ironman banner. ;)
    Yes, love that it's daylight savings. Well, I sort of do. I am having trouble getting up early in the morning to get a run in, which means I get up in just enough time to shower, dress and leave without giving my boy any exercise. His eyes kill me. :(