Monday, March 8, 2010

weekly totals

This is a picture from the Del Puerto Century last Sunday. It has been my 5th flat on my journey to Ironman. We're big fans of catching each other with our butts in spandex. So, I had to make it a good one, even with Izzie's rear bottle aero cage that fell off during the ride in my jersey pocket.

This week has been a so-so week of training. The thing I'm worried about is the Napa marathon was this weekend, so Mindy is no longer in need of LONG tempos and LONG RUNS. I am of need to finding comparable running partners for long runs. I need more running. It'll happen - if I have to run by myself I will.

This weekend I had to coach at a swim meet. It was long, boring, and I didn't have many swimmers racing. I had 2 of my little ones there, that WAS really fun and they dropped a TON of time and were very happy. I also had my 12 yr old who is plagued with self-doubt, self-esteem issues, and negative self-talk. It is SO DRAINING sometimes to play the dual role of sport psych and coach. I think we're making progress. Lets hope we're making progress.

And here are the boring weekly totals:

time:11 hrs 15 mins
ytd time: 383 hrs 8 mins

time: 6 hrs
ytd time: 132 hrs 45 mins
distance: 16,200 yds
ytd distance: 688,200 yds

time: 2 hrs 15 mins
ytd time: 155 hrs 30 mins
distance: 40 mi
ytd distance: 2,171.5 mi

time: 2 hrs
ytd time: 71 hrs 43 mins
distance: 11.2 mi
ytd distance: 416 mi

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