Sunday, March 14, 2010

finished a good week...

Monday -
Coached 5am masters. Long Run (14mi). No LAC Coaching.

Tuesday -
Track workout (6am) kicked my butt. Felt the 14 miles. Swam TVM masters at 11:30am as a recovery (3500 yds).

Wednesday -
Long(er) weekday ride with Dana and Margaret. Started in Danville - rode 3 Bears (50 miles with good climbing).

Thursday -
This was me and Nathans 10 year "dating" anniversary! YAY! I needed a recovery day and clean the house day. I only swam with TVM Masters (4000 yds).

Friday -
Woke up feeling sick. No run. Had to deliver papers to Los Gatos and Fremont. Swam at lunch with TVM (3500 yds).

Saturday -
Heres my story telling for the week. Melinda has a cycling buddy whose wife offered to SAG an epic ride for his birthday! We met in Livermore at 7:30am and started off down Mines Rd. Within the first 5 miles, Ruben (birthday boy) hit a squirrel! I was right behind him and totally screamed...mostly b/c I have never seen it happen and me and Izzie always joke about it!! It was awesome, and don't worry the squirrel got away. We bike to the Junction (30mi). We were VERY happy to see that it has REOPENED under new ownership!! Its the only place that has bathroom, water, food between San Jose and Livermore - it is a safe haven for cyclists. We continued on San Antonio Rd. Along the flats/rollers I see of in the distance a HUGE herd of animals. They weren't cows or horses - so I wondered maybe goats or llamas?! When we got closer they were ELK! A herd of at least 50 ELK! One of old-timers with us said that was the largest herd you would see west of Colorado! SUPER COOL NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC MOMENT! Then we start the massive climb up the backside of Mt. Hamilton. It's a doozy, but gorgeous. The next epic part of the ride was the SNOW on top of Mt. Hamilton. We had lunch on top, let me rephrase...I had my lunch inside the womens restroom in the Lick Observatory because it has a COUCH! We layered on all the clothes we had and headed on our COLD descent down the frontside of Hamilton. We biked through San Jose and then up Calaveras. After "The Wall" everyone was happy that the "climbing" was done (now just rollers). As we were descending I was following Ruben. We came around a right-hand corner and Ruben had a blow out. He went horizontal and I thought two things: 1.) I was going to see my first wipeout and 2.) Ruben's going to be really hurt and what are we going to do?! As he was flying horizontal evidentially his right pedal hit the ground and popped him up and he recovered! It was a MIRACLE! It was a frightening experience and I was glad he's ok. I stayed back with Ruben, along with Steve. Melinda, Dana, and Peter rode ahead to get phone reception to call Ruben's wife to pick him up and then continue to ride back to Livermore. Steve was able to "boot" the tires blow out spots good enough to fill the tire with probably 60psi. It was a good experience for me to see/learn kind of how to do it. We ride down slowly and Teresa (Ruben's wife) met us at the bottom and took Ruben home. Me and Steve continued on, but seeing the sun was setting I suggested we ride to my place and have Nathan (hubby) sag us back to Livermore to get our cars. It was good, because even with the sag the last 6 miles we got to our cars in the dark - happy we didn't get stuck in the dark. Still happy to finish with 100 miles total and 8000 ft elevation!!!
This is a picture of all of us on top of Mt. Hamilton. (me, Rueben, Dana, Melinda, Peter, Steve)

Weekly totals
time: 23 hrs 45 mins
ytd time: 406 hrs 53 mins
ytd distance: 3,182 mi

time: 4 hrs 30 mins
ytd time: 137 hrs 15 mins
distance: 11,000 yds
ytd distance: 699,200 yds

time: 13 hrs 45 mins
ytd time: 169 hrs 15 mins
distance: 150 mi
ytd distance: 2,321.5 mi

time: 4 hrs
ytd time: 75 hrs 43 mins
distance: 21.5 mi
ytd distance: 437.5 mi

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  1. Hey, a photo on your blog. LOL

    Thanks for your supportive comments on my blog and FB. Knowing you care means a lot to me and provides me with the daily strength I need as I re-read the comments often. xoxo ;)